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I'd probably say something about what you saw, and that you wonder if they need help getting started on the childproofing and that you have some ideas. That explains and makes an offer of help at the same time. Honestly, it would bug me if my friend did something like that. HOWEVER, I love my children more than I love my ego so I'd recognize it for what it is. Someone who loves me and my children, and wants the best for my children. Just like I do. I have to...
His head is too thin. But nice body, and I like my men 6ft and over so he makes the cut off that way. He looks like he has "working muscle" instead of "workout muscle"....I like that. Never seen grylls before today, and I expected him to be my type but he isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla No I would not. Our last name is Atreides and no one can pronounce it (uh-trade-eez) Any fan of Dune should be able to belt that out without a problem. :P
My second daughter's middle name is Gaelic - so non-phoenetic. Siobhan - pronounced Shue-von.
Okay. My kids are lovely, and self-directed and very active. Which is so great. However, they were driving me to distraction with running in different directions, not cooperating etc. My solution was to leave the place. Even if if was just one child (and it usually wasn't). The refrain is, "I am one person. I CAN NOT take you places without your help. You help Mommy by staying close (or whatever needs to be done) and we can stay. Otherwise we have to leave. ...
I would also talk to the little one about her personal bubble. That if your sister is doing something that isn't right, and if your sister or anyone is invading your bubble you do NOT have to cooperate.
Quote: Originally Posted by amcal I don't think anything other than shaving will fix this Honestly, if the 6 year old has done this in the past and won't stop, I'd shave her hair along with the youngest's. But, I'm probably a big old meanie. I think that might be a good idea. Good enough for your sister, Good enough for you.
I love love love this idea. I want to do it myself. What exactly is it that you find scary about bats?
I too would suggest that they are McDonalds-ified. Unless it comes out of plastic and came from a factory it is suspect and not good. It took me some time to get my DH over this. Particularly if they are well entrenched in a lifetime worth of resistance to change, I bet it won't change for you. Since they don't use any of it anyways, make them and donate them to people who need them. Then make a homemade card, with a note that you and your children made XYZ and...
A pre cot
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