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I can see parents not going because they've been before, and the dd won't do anything about it and want her to call the police. I think until you've been deep into this culture of denial you cannot see why people would distance themselves to force the person to do what they want.
One of my neighbours has a child like this. Mom is in total denial. How many times has the worst mannered meanest kid you know been the son or daughter of the cop, or the pastor? Yeah. I always have something around for my daughters when this little missy comes around and decides that no one should play with my daughter, or whatever it is today. I encourage her to verbalize what she sees. "You are excluding me, and I don't like it." "I don't like the way...
Hey, if places have family or co-ed bathrooms that are reasonable to use I always do. Why so many places have only one available, I just don't understand. Like, families are so unheard of?
It is rare, but I just happen to be a person who gets targetted pretty regularly. So are my brother and my sister. I've recently found out that one of my children seems to have this fabulous distinction too. I have no intention of doing things that invite that risk when I don't need to. *I* know why I'm doing it. And I'm doing it for a very good reason. If there is a pervert around, they are probably watching me and mine and waiting for an opportunity. This is...
Ah Flu-ent. Ear re VOKE able
Not that she can't make up something like that. But that what she makes up sounds adult. If she can give a description of a scene in the movie....that clinches it.
I've seen cars similiar to this. I'm sure that there is some sort of statement involved but I'm not sure what it is. The Super Tire Size Truck done up in Texas Patriot Flag Pole Out The Back With Gun Rack On It And Cow Horns Off The Front and Blaring Music was awesome. You have to understand, I live in Canada. The Flag was Canadian. The Gun Rack had a hockey stick in it. The music was Oh Canada. I just about cried I laughed so hard. There is a person who...
I think that is gross. Anyways. Children don't make up stories about being told to not tell. That seems overly complicated for four. Blurring reality and fiction, not so much. Can your daugther describe any of the scenes from the movie? Because that would clinch it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Benji'sMom I'm probably not going to like my DIL and I will be nightmare MIL. (Not what I WANT, just what will probably happen because I'm judgmental.) I'm very passionate about my views, and I think judgement is critical and necessary. But I'm not sure that it shows sound judgement to be so unaccepting of other views that one poisons their relationships with their children and grandchildren.
I hope to be respectful, fun, approachable, available, invitable, capable of lending security without taking responsibilities on unnecessarily. I hope to be forgiving and forgiveable in a spirit of cooperation. And I REALLY hope that my son and daughters marry/have children with people who won't dislike me. And aren't unrepentent addicts, narcissists, psychopaths, that sort of thing.
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