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Huh. I'd have never guessed that. I learned something new today. I guess reviewing what you THINK you know is sometimes a good idea.
The whole thing grosses me out.
Yes. I would. I have. If someone actually is "cured" they will ante up the facts THEMSELF. If they don't, that is proof positive that they are still the same beast.
My MIL treats my oldset different because she sees herself in my daughter. Which is great- really. I mean, being cast in the role of being similar to HER mother is just AWESOME. I also get cast in the same role as her pathological ex-h when I have to discipline my DD2 at all. Fantastic. Really. (minirant over) I have found a solution for this though. Now she "sides" with my children against me. So if I seem like I might be annoyed with them, or need to...
more - I was hospitalized for several weeks with my first child in the third trimester, then I was put on homecare bedrest. I had to be induced a month early because the labetol was not controlling my BP, and there was less fluid in the amniotic sac. She was born fine, at 5#9. Took a month to establish a breatfeeding relationship because she was born without a suck. I had to have an epidural to keep my BP down during the birth and I had pitocin. My reflexes...
I have essential hypertension. I get high blood pressure when pregnant. Dangerously high sometimes. I manage to keep my blood pressure fairly normal most of the time I am not pregnant. Somewhere between 124/74 and 140/90. I've gotten it down from 140/90 to 124/74 over the last couple of years. Because I do get HBP when pregnant, and my father has hypertension I have a diagnosis of essential hypertension. I am prone to hypertension, when I don't keep myself in...
My Dh is the man who doesn't want any more children now that we have three. He was happy (very happy in his own unexciting way) to have them. He LOGICALLY and financially was only wanting three. I got my tubes done because I was already having surgery in there anyways after my third baby. He just recently has started holding other people's babies. It is the wierdest thing because he is totally not the type of guy to request to hold babies. I finally had to ask...
Hello there! I'm going to start reading this thread and see where it takes me. Interesting on the cortisol. I tried taking the New Chapter's Holy Basil supercritical extract. Popped them in my mouth. I stopped taking them because twice I just about passed out when the effect hit me. Apparently, binding all my cortisol all at once is NOT a good idea for me.
My kids are vaxed and I still want them to be exposed. To that and most of the other one's too. Because I want to be damn sure that they get the exposure as children.
They wouldn't be upset if I was. For a while they did think I was, and the only reaction to my telling them I wasn't was that made it easier. Yes, I had to tell my parents I wasn't gay. How is that for turnabout for you? That was one interesting onion cutting in the kitchen moment when I realize that they were waiting for me to tell them I was.
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