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Quote: Originally Posted by mumtoasher I noticed in your siggy that your DS is 2. Opps.. I need to change that.. My kiddo is 6.5yrs.. that 2 is that we have 2 dogs.. I will go edit it.. Thanks for all the great Idea's...
: what a wonderful accomplishment
I still co sleep most of the night with my 6.5 yr old..
oh the flying turtle thing looks wicked..
My son has autism and does not play much with toys. So I have no clue what to get him for christmas. So share what you are getting for your special needs child/chilren
I did.. I gave a very very good paying job to stay home with our child with autism. We stuggle trying to get things paid but with my son in so much therapy and not having a good school here.. it was really not a choice. My Dh is military and is gone all the time so it was just best for our family...
0ne of the mama's that used to or still does post here was on the show.. not sure what her user name is here
I saw this last night and am wondering if any one else caught this show.. here is the info from discovery health.... Freebirthing TV-14 A growing movement of women in the US and in the UK are defying medical advice to give birth with no drugs, no midwife and no medical support. Supporters claim its how having a baby was always meant to be but doctors say 'freebirthing' has terrible risks. Here is the link to the...
Rest in peace sweet boy
thanks ladies... I probably wont make a difference but I do have a few of them wondering.. it is amazing how some people take what a doctor says like it is the only way...
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