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Wow, with 4 kids home for the summer, I've barely had time to get online, much less learn to sew LOL! Thanks for the links! I really appreciate it. I'm off to the fabric store this morning to find some fabric. Wish me luck
A friend lent me her handsewn Moby wrap to borrow and I really like it right now. I'd love to make my own but wasn't able to find instructions easily. I wondered if anyone had a link to one here or somewhere else? I'm not sure if this should be here or the sewing forum so I'm starting here. And I'm a novice sewer so I'm probably making this more difficult than it has to be LOL! Thanks
I still carry my 23-25 pound toddler around. I try to limit it especially now at 33 weeks because it's just hard to lift her. I think unless there's some specific reason for not lifting, some is okay. I asked my doctor two different times about lifting and she just told me to be sure and lift from the knees to protect my back but never said not to.
Due to health reasons, I may need to be induced, including high bp/pre-eclampsia. My Dr. mentioned using cytotec if I need to be induced and am dilated less than 3 cm. I read an article here about some negativity surrounding this drug but it was a few years old. I was wondering if anyone had any new information/links I could read up on this before my next appointment. I'm really hoping to avoid induction but if it comes to that, I want to tell her that I don't want...
I get those all the time. They do feel strange, don't they? I just hope I remember the difference when the real ones come. Of course, the BH don't hurt just feel strange.
i think a lot of times they are wonky and take some time coming back into a regular schedule. with my first dd, it was irregular. with my 2nd, it came back quite regular. i didn't get as long a reprieve as you did. it's been what, close to 2 years since you had one and will probably take a bit of time to get back inot a regular routine. plus you have new stressors. if you are worried, it wouldn't hurt to take a dollar store test or something. they are cheap and...
that's too bad
oh please post with the final results!
i just wear skirts and t-shirt pullover type tops that you can get cheap or dockers and the same sort of tops. i did get one nursing dress that i like fairly well though it's not as convenient believe it or not LOL. i had a gc for that though. i find lifting a top much easier though. the tops i got were like $5-$10 each depending on where you shop. like the others said you could also try ebay and a thrift shop. i sold quite a few nursing tops on ebay before.
Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend I have not joined because I find their position on women working outside the home not assuming leadership positions wrong. It also leads to timing meetings so that many women who work are unable to attend. . I had issues with this as well and really had my feelings hurt. I think maybe it depends on who's leading the group because a woman I know (who leads a different group I do not attend) said pshaw and...
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