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silk all the way! i have the sky blue silk and i just it. -krista
sorry gwyneth!!
i know- it's ridiculous. boys like bugs too.
i also received my new silk zolo last week i have the sky blue w/butterflies and i loooove it! and it's true- i've already had tons of compliments on it the 3 times that i've worn it out in public glad you like yours too!
mudpie babies is in hawaii too, but that doesn't really help with prefolds
(at the grocery store of course!) and there was a little blurb that gwyneth paltrow was spotted at toys r us buying a blue chambray baby sling. i exclaimed out loud, "OMG! i can't believe ~gwyneth paltrow~ is buying some lame sling at bru!!! does she even KNOW what's out there?!?!" then last night i had a dream that i ran into her at a party and was giving her all of these websites to look at- and trying to sell her on the zolo. :LOL i think i need to get a life...
i carry my 8 month old 20+ pounders in the fleece pouch and the zolo on the hip. no complaints yet!
i love the scarlet! i was eyeing that one myself....how would red fit in with your wardrobe?? :LOL
we have 2 and i like them. my complaint, as other have said, is the tummy strap being unflattering with some outfits :LOL that's all we used with my first 2 after they outgrew their bjorns. i tend to prefer my kkafp now, but dh still loves the hip hammocks. they are very secure, so it sounds like it will work well for your needs.
ohh, i love that! i have a thing for contrasting stripes cute little man too.
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