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Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita i know nothing else about you, but i have a crush on you totally ok. fishnets and booty shorts are hard for most people to resist.
I play Roller Derby.
...because I won't fill up all of the bottles and sippy cups for him at the same time. ETA: I filled all the bottles he brought to me today because we had company and I am apparently inconsistant like that Today I wouldn't let him pet the stray kittens that are trying to adopt us.
Keeping up with my friends who don't have kids. Although I guess that it will come back around when they do have kids and we will have more in common again.
I am so nervous to weigh tomorrow. I am under 200 as of last monday, I am just hoping that it wasn't some kind of fluke. I exercised 4 times this week, but only 1 was kick-my-butt exercise. So we'll see. I've been taking it easy on the eating...trying not to eat late and stay away from the ice cream. I am going to try not to pig out at the BBQs today. Wish me luck!
Can I join too? I have a weight loss buddy in real life but she has a lap band. I started exercising regularly in September of last year. I weighed 230 lbs. I have been working out consistantly since then. I eat well on and off. It is a real struggle with me as I am an emotional eater. So the weeks when I know I eat bad I try to exercise more. I took to weighing myself only on Monday mornings. This morning I am 199.6!! This is the first time I have been under 200 lbs since...
Sorry, ddc crashing. Get all the help you can and don't feel guilty for one minute! It isn't just you that is making the adjustment to the new baby, it is your whole family. Get the older ones to help out...they will like being involved. All of you are looking for your place in this new family dynamic so help them out by telling them what you need help with. If they don't want to help then there is the tv or the babysitter. Institute an hour of quiet time each...
Yep, moms lie. Sometimes to not feel left out, sometimes to avoid judgement. It happens all the time. But it may be her intepretation of the truth. Maybe he started cruising on furniture, that looks like walking...he's just holding onto something. Maybe he really did take a couple of steps or even just one. Usually it takes a while after first steps to really get the walking thing down. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Sutter just built a huge new birth center in Roseville. I don't have sutter, but have heard that the rooms are gorgeous. Best of luck!
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