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No matter what I feel, I usually still try to acknowledge my DD feelings by saying, "wow I can see you are so disappointed." Sometimes I share a disappointment. For example I was in Target yesterday and DD who is 3.5 swiped a pacifier off the shelf and hid it (not sure what the pacifier thing is about since she never had one). Anyway, she flipped when I took it away from her. I said to her, "DD you look so sad and I know you really wanted it. I feel sad sometimes too where...
Tanya- In the words of my sister "thats what happens when swimmers (referring to dh and I) procreate."
I have not been a good ddc member for a long time because I had a series of complications that resulted in a ton of medical intervention. I was upset about not doing things the way I thought mother nature had intended. Well after a serious cord problem I was induced on Friday and gave birth to a healthy 6lb 4oz baby boy. He was 21.5 inches and healthy. Check out the link to see my boy. http://aetomala.is-a-photographer.co.../javier_angel/ Chris
why does she have to wear a dress?
DD learned in one day a week before her 2nd birthday. She had two accidents the first day I took the diapers off and held poop in for two days but once she went she never looked back. What worked for us was having the dog "clap" for her when she went. I was a great positive motivation.
My DD has a cough so I have been encouraging her to spit out the phlem AT HOME!!! So while walking through the hall of our apartment building she spit in a potted plant. When I told DH he said good at least it wasn't on the floor.
Mine are flaky too and I am pretty sure that its dry skin.
Glad to hear good update!
I went to China for two weeks when DD has just turned 2. She had been recently weaned by that point. No part of her routine was changed and she had a great time with grandma and dh. While she did not demonstrate signs of stress in ways that you might expect, she did develop a nail biting habit while I was gone which I believe was due to the fact that she was stressed. Would I do it again? I am not sure. I missed her so much that I had a hard time enjoying my trip. I also...
If he is feeling frustrated you might just want to take the potty issue on by yourself and give him another way to help out. I would also acknowledge that you understand why he is frustrated however the approach he is taking is negatively affecting you and her. I would try to talk out how you are feeling when he is not upset or angry.
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