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Clean out as much clutter as you can bear to part with and sell it or donate it all. It makes keeping up with all the crap that finds its way under your feet much easier to just toss into bins. Plus, I am socking that money away. 
My ODD is 20 months and still plays with Sophie. I've got a little newborn now, so I look forward to getting another round out of Sophie if she's still around! If not, I will totally buy another!
I joined y'all on 2-28! Today is my first day with both girls by myself. My Goal for the Day is to feed everyone. That's it. Both are now sleeping so I might grab a shower and sit in my sitz bath. It is more important than me napping as well right now. So far, so good.    I've also enjoyed reading www.babybunching.com to see other people's perspective on having 2 (or more) close in age. 
Glad I saw this bumped up as I had a totally similar experience, on all fours and everything!!
Now we should work on an unexpected unplanned lottery win!!
YES I loved this hypnobabies birth story. I also had a comfortable birth and was totally skeptical the program wasn't working, but it totally does and you are right there remembering and not out of it! 
Woah, the day you posted this was the day I had MY totally crazy fast Hypnobirthed baby at my house, too!! Woah!!! 
OH my goodness--we both had unplanned UBACs within days of each other with very similar stories! Girl, I also just LIVED it too--I resonated with the train, the denial, the hands and knees!!    Wooooowoooo for our birth stories! 
She was 7 lbs. 15 oz. with no sugar issues! Amazing
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