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I am wondering also about Robyn's oldest who has either Aspergers or high functioning autism--I can't quite recall how it was described--but he definitely needs a highly structured routine. I am wondering how he will do with all the chaos and whatnot in his new environment. Let's talk about their reasons for homebirthing that might be slightly different from a lot of the reasons women homebirth on here. It seems like they homebirth mainly because they don't want the dad...
Yes!!! DD even waves night night sometimes, settles her little legs under her butt, and stays down as we leave. This is 6 out of 7 nights.
I would like a wookkie-run mother's morning out program. That would be great. I lost my mind in the store this weekend and bought every green fruit I could find and made a giant salad. It's ALL GONE. Apples, kiwi, grapes, etc. all gone.
My fundus is so high, I saw it sliding down a rainbow with Jimi Hendrix while flying unicorns left trails of musical notes. Sorry, couldn't resist
They'd have to put me in foster care, too. That's because I would have fused myself to my baby so they couldn't get us apart. Yup. I am super sad for this family.
We're out...getting ready for a trip to NJ. I am in a wedding and the whole family is going! Thank goodness we're splitting the trip Thu and Fri. We are not so fortunate on the way back...think of us all next Monday as we attempt to do the entire drive in one day eeeeeeeeeps
Shhh, don't tell DH, but I have zero desire to go back to any "jobby-job" anytime soon, okay, as in years and years. He assumes I'll go back Fall 2011 and put both kids in daycare (one will be 26 months and the other 5 months) for teaching. I already told him I will never, ever EVER go back to high school teaching. I could "try" to get a job at the community college and then just not get hired. Heh heh. Hey, getting a job is tough these days, right? Nah, I will cross...
update I got my big scan, and found out 2 things: It's another GIRL! I am so excited to have 2 girls! They'll just be 20 months apart so the plan is for them to be best friends. Ha. I wasn't really sure on my LMP or conception date, although I have some ideas...baby is measuring smaller than we thought, so new due date is March 6. I am happy with that assessment because that gives me more time if the original one of what I thought really IS Feb. 28. I know...
We already have a Hannah Claire, and we call her both names.
Well, since he's refusing to read or watch, and he's already called you several names/put his opinion out there, I'd say this to his face: Quote: So basically his stance is, "I am ignorant about homebirth. I refuse to educate myself. But I stand by my admittedly ignorant opinion and will try to force it on you." And then I would just change the subject every single time he brought it up and refuse to speak about it. Do what's best for your family!
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