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I think they look really nice. I have seen your review on your blog earlier this week. I dont think it would be an option for me being plus sized, but I do love how unique looking they are.
You should definitely try and get a hospital grade pump. Either rent from the hospital or try and see if you qualify for WIC because they can also provide you with one for free if you do.
I am in the same predicament. DH doesnt want to. But he has agreed to use a co sleeper. So that is what I will be doing. He has several issues, one being hurting the baby, crushing the baby, losing the intimacy between us, bed to small, other people saying it is the wrong thing to do. I really dont care what other people think. Hubby knows I really want to practice AP. It is the type of mother I want to be. I told him that he really needs to start reading more...
You guys have some great lists. I totally forgot that I am waiting for some organic velour infant prefolds. Vick-You should put out an ISO for that GMBBS Isis at TBW. That is the way I got mine.
I just got today in the mail 33 preemie prefolds. They are so tiny and cute. My stash was already complete but I have some gdiaper covers that I got for a great deal and will be using them as covers. The preemie prefolds will fit perfectly in them. There is also a chance my baby can be early so I wanted to make sure I had some mini fluff for him.
How awesome that your husband has done his research and bought his own wrap. That is something you dont see everyday. DH just leaves everything up to me.
Can someone briefly explain what the GBS test is?
Congratulations. I think that is wonderful. What did your husband say? I bet he definitely feels outnumbered with all that estrogen in the house.
I wish I would have read this before today. I had my GTT today. I have been worried about it so I opted to take it. It runs on both sides of the family so I just think I did the right thing in finding out.
Im having a little boy. I wanted a girl, because I lost a little girl, but as soon as they said boy, I was thrilled and that desire of wanting a girl went out the window.
New Posts  All Forums: