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Hi, I have not posted for a long long time - finished med school, got into residency, got through internship...: It's been a heartbreaking experience to spend so much time away from my daughter and it's going to be years before I'm done with all I want to achieve (applying for a GI fellowship this year). Anyone on the same boat?
What do you do? My friend's son just confided to his stepdad (my friend's husband) that his stepmom (my friend's ex's wife) spanks him when he's there. My friend doesn't want him to go anymore but is afraid that she'll get in trouble with court,because her ex is denying everything. Anyone knows what is the best legal solution? Thanks in advance.
Can you ladies tell me what is the name of the book?
Trabot, please pm me as well to let me know how my family can help.....
Mama_kass...another allergic babe here! Once Jordy turned one we proudly poured vit D milk in her cup. Two days later - massive diarrhoea, first EVER diaper rash and a rash under her eyes. I felt so sorry for her...she had Pedialyte instead of her b-day cake at her party.. A day after we put her on soy milk, all was good again. The soy milk tastes sweeter than a regular milk and she takes it easier. We buy the SILK soy milk in the organic section - there's the...
Hey Apricot! I have finished a med school last year (in Europe) and I am now battling the US medical boards. At this point I do have mixed feelings about the profession...I go to many workshops and classes and it scares me sometimes how ruthless and competitive the other students are. I see things differently, have different opinions and usually get "shushed" by the the majority. I do have a 1 year old and I hate leaving her - right now I can't imagine to start a...
I have never seen it either. The office we go to has a huge wooden traing in the middle of the waiting room and tons of wooden toys and books.
So I am not sure... The only thing I know is that my dd can't tolerate real milk. Once she turned one we started giving her vitamin D milk and right away she got a bad case of diarrhoea. Once that stopped, she got her first diaper rash ever and a rash under her yes. So I gave her soy milk for two days and it's all gone and even the poop is..well, nice. Now as far as calcium etc...anyone knows or has info on what's better? Soy or lactose free milk? Any...
We buy an english plantain syrup - forget all the robitussins, this thing works wonders!
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