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Oh flapjack, I'm so happy for you!! Welcome Baby!
Ohh I LOVE the mittens. I actually didn't soak the avocado skins. I cleaned them very well so all the flesh was gone and let them dry out. Then I broke them into pieces and simmered them in water for an hour, then let it steep for an hour and strained. Then I simmered the roving in the bath for an hour. I've been working from this book: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Dyeing...3581826&sr=1-1
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhiannon Feimorgan Now I've heard that you can get reds and pinks from avocado pits and peels. I'm going to have to try that next! I've tried avocado skins. It came out....interesting. It was a pinky brown with some green undertones, but prettier than it sounds. I don't know if using the pits makes a difference. But a word of caution.. If you can, cook it outside. I thought it smelled awful. In the picts below...
That's amazing. Do you have any idea how fast the dye is?
So cute!
Awww, it's just mommy brain. It will be back to operational when the new babe is about 3 mo old. Until then, measure twice, knit once and enjoy the blinding insight of Gilligans Island.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marlet I'm so glad you finally spun it up! I agree with flapjack.....seriously squishy looking and just delicious. I'm glad the color turned out so well. Mmm seriously yummy looking. And holy crap on that scarf! Gorgeous and way more dedicated than I have ever been. You're someone else now! Well you know what I mean. I wouldn't have recognized you, except for you're still half a bubble off plumb.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn_M Thanks!!! Beautiful stuff! So, it's normal for it to be thicker in some spots and thinner in others? I think maybe my expectations are too high, KWIM? I'm guessing it really can't be compared to machine spun yarn. Oh absolutely, that's part of the charm of handspun yarn. As you get more experienced, you'll be able to make more even yarn if you want to. Here's some of mine, as you can see, it's all over the...
Thanks everyone! The yarn is a laceweight alpaca/silk blend and the pattern is the Liesel pattern with five repeats. http://yummyyarn.indus3ous.com/archi...09/liesel.html
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