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I really don't believe MDC fits in with my personal philosophy with much of anything anymore and am actually incredibly offended by another thread in another due date club that rather badly trashes emergency services and lumps it into a general "medical model"     I dont know where in the last 5 years MDC got so snarky and catty but this isn't the place for me anymore.     I have genuinely appreciated everyones well wishes in regards to our recent hardships...
I dont even like the car during braxton hicks.....   the ride in is miserable for me..no matter when I go or how long it takes
this is all I could really find ...maybe the footnote research papers can be scrounged up or better info found with the specific drug names ya know?   http://www.webmd.com/baby/antenatal-corticosteroids-for-fetal-lung-development
yeah...weird, mine was roughly 5.8 but a very long baby..so she was reeeeeally skinny zero nicu time which I was very relieved about..also, no steroid shots for her
did the perinatologist come in to go over it with you then and there??   any chance you saw it incorrectly? any chance your dates are a little off??
I have no experience with it..but no, an epidural isn't necc to deliver twins. Like the PP said people homebirth twins all the time.   I would imagine they want a spinal in place so they can do a c-section quick if they want to your friend doesn't need a subscription to post here btw...just have to register for the site..unless something has changed since I registered here
physically...Im always ready for anything in about a week....emotionally..not so much.. I think this is an area you will have to be careful not to underestimate
no advice, just really sorry you have gone through this trauma and are now second guessing the steroid shots...   unrelated, traceymom, is no problems at 35 weeks really that rare?? my 35 weeker had poor sucking reflex and pretty rough jaundice but absolutely zero problems breathing room air right away...I was told it could totally go either way
nothing to really add...except if my husband even made one disparaging remark about my diest while pregnant...I would have probably of told him to stfu and stuffed an entire orange down his throat to help him out with that...because oranges are pretty much all i ate the first tri this go around   I ate a ton of junk when I was pregnant with my last...and know what?? shes perfect, was born perfect and continues to be so at four...srsly..no illness (shes actually only...
this^^^^^  !!!!! don't assume they'll be trying to call the shots...this actually hasn't been my experience at all my first go around I was too naive to make my preferences known, or to even have preferences honestly... second and third..I did what I wanted and no one even hinted at stopping me I delivered my last two in the same fashion at the end of the bed broken down with my feet on the lower part like the platform area, not even stirrups no one asked me to lay...
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