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That is so cute!  I adore the little tinkerbelle.  I also love Patchy!
Congrats!  That is wonderful!
Not really healthy, but I love dill dip:   http://allrecipes.com/recipe/dill-dip-iii/detail.aspx
Yes, I wonder when kids develop the "move over" sense.  DD is five.  We will be walking next to each other at the supermarket, meet another cart in the aisle, and EVERY time I have to tell her to walk behind me or in front of me to not be in the way.  When a cart is headed right for her face, she won't get over.  I am the type to always move over to let people go through though.  It really annoys me when people take up the whole aisle, sidewalk, road, etc.
Wow, that is ridiculous.   We do have to replace each lightbulb when we move out.  I mean it should look like it did when we moved in,  with all working lights.   She shouldn't be able to charge you for normal wear-and-tear.  I don't know what it says in the lease, but I don't think she can.   Also, if the grout looks the same as when you moved in, did you tell her that?   Ugh, if she didn't want people to really "live" in the house, then why rent it out?
When you flush in a public restroom, turn around and make sure everything went down.
Don't pull out in front of other cars.   If you get crumbs on the floor, sweep.
I would look into a food pantry.   Can't the teens find summer jobs?   Can you work on a farm in exchange for food?
OP, that has happened to me too.  We missed our last flight because the earlier one was delayed.  It was somewhere around midnight when I called the hotel shuttle.  It was actually a shuttle bus, but I was still scared.  No seatbelts, hard plastic seats.  It was in a major city, but I can't remember which one.  We made it fine to the hotel, got some rest, and took the shuttle back to the airport in the morning.  I think DD was 14 months or something.  It was awful.
New Posts  All Forums: