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I get it - totally get it.  I got my 1st cycle 3 months back I think and it is VERY uncomfortable to nurse from about ovulation until my period - to the point where I cringe everytime! :o/  I read on KellyMom to take Evening Primrose Oil (helps nerve endings) -- I just started last month when my cycle came so am curious to see if it helps.   Gear up for a growth spurt of sorts....Rudy was awake at 4am - slept from 6:30-10am and fell asleep again at 12:30ish. WEIRD! ...
I am on the lookout for a rental.  If you have a house you rent, a friend whose house is for rent, an apartment, townhouse, even a mobile home!   Spread the word to your friends! Randi
Would there be interest from any Mamas on here to join in a Skagit Music Together class in the fall? I am working on possibly getting one started!   Randi
((hug)) am on the West side, but wanted to say that I hope you find someone to hang with!   Randi
Any great advice or tips for a co-sleeping Mama who is ready to night wean her 19 month old?   I've tried this a few times already but can't get past the wee hours (3-4am).  I have a water bottle and give him a drink, then pat back to sleep - but if I am doing that - why not just nurse him? (my thoughts).   The idea of my partner taking over is an option, but he doesn't really want anything to do with her at night.   Thanks in advance - Randi
My son is super gassy when he teeths. HTH.   Randi
the hitting when "no" (which we use minimally in our house) is being used here too. It is tough. We just take it as he is frustrated and try to stay calm. We find when he hits, it pushes our button, our level goes up and that doesn't help any, but if we state calmly "hitting hurts mama" he usually looks at us with sadness as to not want to have hit us.   OH the cats. Yes. Rudy sits, steps and pets the one cat that will tolerate him :o)   It is crazy, huh? So busy...
Our babies will be a year and a half this month......crazy to think they are halfway to 3!   What new tricks is your toddler learning right now? Favorite foods? How's sleep - for baby and Mama?   Rudy (18 months Jan 7th) has learned to fake cry the past few days. His needs are met (very AP home) just at times he wants something and feels the need to do this. :o)  He loves to RUN. :o) We are going to start a music class with him soon.   Favorite foods =...
My son, 18 months, is in the thick of this right now. (VERY thankful for the scared sign from signing time!) He used to love loud noises (vaccum, coffee grinder, etc.) now FREAKS out. We now prepare him for a loud noise and usually have to hold him when the loud noise is going off. He has a fear of stuffed animals, anything over peoples heads, etc.  I'm guessing it is a phase....and this too will pass.   ((hug)) Randi
Good Evening --   As of late our 17 month old has been pulling on DP shirt to want to nurse.  I always sit in the same spot so god forbid her sit on the couch or he will want to nurse.  I am sure a few of you have gone through this - any ideas/suggestions?  I am planning on doing some work at night the beginning of the year (he nurses to sleep usually) but DP will be bouncing him and this nursing confusion could complicate things.   Thanks in advance - Randi
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