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THis is the first time EVER, I will be in my home alone.   Dh is taking children out of town for three days.  Every room needs help.  Basement the worst.  I have many bins full of papers to file, memories, and general crap.  Playroom has disheveled toys etc.  All my old clothes from last 8 years are piled up in basement etc.    I'm afraid I'll jump from task to task and not finish too much.  I'm really excited to do this.  Ned suggestions!!!
So proud of you!!!  Go momma!!!  You're inspiring to me. 
There is a family practice doc who attends births in St Louis, Dr Sandy Proffitt.  She is very low-intervention.    Also, there's a dr Lam who does waterbirths in St Genevieve.  He is a man, but has a cnm woman in his practice.  WOuldn't it be funny if moms started driving to st genevieve to birth w/ a cnm??!!!   Mo Bap still has a very high cesarean rate.  I had my (unwanted) cesarean there and colead ICAN of st louis so talk to moms every month who had...
Oh, and my lawyer said the only time he has ever heard of family arguing over custody was when there was lots of money involved!!
We used a lawyer but I wanted peace of mind with custody issues.  You can most certainly do it yourself, but do take the effort to get it notarized.  The chance of something to you and spouse are ridiculously low, so if you're broke, I wouldn't spend the money.  But, keep in mind, custody is in the hands of the courts and children will go to close family first.  If you're fine w/ that, then do the cheapo will and you'll be fine.     
Wow, I really feel for you.  It doesn't sound as though you live too extravagantly.  I know it's hard.  Would your dh go get a job that doesn't pay well and isn't glamorous just to get more money in??  Since his freelancing is pt??  When we were first married, dh was working for a house framer and there were good weeks and then there were weeks when the boss didn't have a house to frame, so dh didn't work.  So dh got a job at night working at subway 4 nights a week.  It...
can you tell me how it's different from google calendar???
well, I just bought one lol.  I'll wait to see some reviews before I take it out of the box and use it!!
I have a third grader.  Her grades are very good, although she puts forth minimal effort.  She is so excited when an assignment says, 'Write a summary of at least  five sentences" and she ONLY does five sentences.  In the car, the other day, she said she hated school.  I have asked her every year if she wants to be homeschooled and she says no.  She doesn't want to do any school bc it's too much work.  She wants to play dolls and watch tv all the time...seriously.  I...
Well, dh started the class.  One week down.  He really liked it.  He did his homework.  I about fell over when he read the chapters.  Most of the class is couples, but since we have little children, I can't go, but it's fine bc I will follow his lead on the budget.  He did say Dave was funny and kept his attention. We don't have Dave on the radio here in our area, so this was his first exposure. 
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