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I took DS to Tufts Dental School. They still did it under general (he needed 2 extractions, 6 crowns, some fillings....) but they did it in a hospital instead of in office like the dentist I took him to at first wanted. Good luck to you!
I do them at the regular times (we do vax but I would even if we didn't). I have used the same pedi since DD's birth almost 11 yrs ago. If something comes up, it sure is helpful when your LO at least knows the Dr that's treating them and is familiar with the instruments (stethascope, eye and ear thing, blood pressure cuff etc). I'd imagine that DS's pnuemonia would have been a lot more traumatic if he'd had no clue wth was going on and who was doing things to him. Not to...
I pretty much only use prefolds and covers. I've got other stuff but the majority is def that. I <3 them. Here's what I do... Use The Potty Pail and diaper sprayer on all diapers then ring them out and throw them in my pail (I use the laundrymat so pre rinsing is not an option unless I want to spend the time and money on a whole extra wash and honestly, it already costs more for me to CD than it would to use disposable). I throw them in the pail throughout the day and...
I CD'd DS when we went to Disney. He was 18 months. I dropped what poop I could in the toilet and washed at the coin ops. A week without a prerinse or post rinse or whatever won't hurt them :-)
Probably not what you're looking for, but I've seen it at job lot (the real maple syrup, not fake kind- that I know). I don't remember the size but I think it was 17 dollars. Def not a whole gallon
Congrats! Good luck naming him!
Quote: Originally Posted by RedOakMomma ddcc...just to say congrats! (and your dr. sounds hilarious ) He was a stand up comic during or before college or something, i forget. He really is hilarious, that's why I love him. :-) Thanks ladies!!
I went in on Tues for an induction. I was due the 8th. My Dr gave me a choice on how I wanted to do it so I picked a water break. He did it at like 8 am and DP and I walked...and walked and walked and walked LOL. At a little after noon I had a friend bring DD to the hospital (she wanted to watch but needed her own support person, DS-3- stayed home with a sitter). More walking... at like 4, my water broke the rest of the way while I was on the phone. I guess he only...
We went last year and it was a lot of fun! You go and walk the canal and pick up trash. Lots of kids were there helping, too. Here's the site and the number for more info (it's put on by Americorps) http://www.rdoac.org/americorps/calendar/calendar.php Actually, this site is better for info- http://www.canalcleanup.com/
LOL Kristen. I'm still overdue (not like you though... I'm only 40+6). I'll say though that bigger isn't nec worse. Think of the gravity help a few ounces (or pound or two) will give you!!
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