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Good luck!!!!
I was due on the 8th... I really didn't think I'd be "overdue" but my OB assured me that it's an old wives tale that the more kids- the quicker it happens. That's nonsense. I feel like it should be true.
I used to do it. The movie theater isn't really all that loud when compared to a house with a kid or two already in it LOL The only problem is if the baby gets fussy but when they're real little and the Boobie cures everything- it's super awesome!
Good luck!
There's a playgroup at the Center for Breastfeeding in Sandwich on Wednesdays (I think) for toddlers. There's also a YMCA that's awesome in Wareham (which will be close if you're in Bourne). There are tons of preschool classes offered there and their childwatch (drop in, up to 2 hours) is excellent. My 3 yr old isn't in preschool either and he begs to go there LOL In Plymouth there are also a ton of activities for his age group offered through the rec center. Not to...
Quote: Originally Posted by briome That is good that you didn't go back to the hospital! I wonder why your doc is so concerned about your smount of contractions? I don't belive I have read anything VBAC related that coralates with strong/ or long natural contractions and danger. What is dangerous is augmentation with Pitocin (and avoid Cytotec at all costs!) because the artificial contractions are MUCH stonger and less handled well by a previously...
You'll be Upper Cape then (Bourne, Sandwich, Mashpee, Falmouth area). Do you have kids? (I assume you do but maybe not LOL) What are their ages? Homeschool? Public? Private?
I'm in Bourne. Also waiting to hear which part you're moving to. There's lots of stuff to do around here with kids, seasonally LOL. But that's what happens in a touristy place. You're moving here at the right time to discover things
With DD, I was induced. I don't remember ever seeing it then. I really don't remember bloody show or a mucus plug with DS either and I really think I would. Haven't lost anything with this one yet (at all? LOL). I'm 39 weeks, one day
Sounds normal to me too. My BH were 5 minutes apart for like 2 hours yesterday (until I got bored with paying attention and stopped writting it down LOL). I wouldn't have even timed them but it seemed a lot more than usual. I figure if it doesn't hurt- like a lot- and they don't get closer then it's just pretend.
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