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Basically, to stay sane.... LOL
Do you know the hospital's policies? A heplock isn't standard at mine and niether is a lot of typical "hospital" stuff. You might be surprised! I would go visit, just so you know where to go when the times comes though.
Mine doesn't do internals during pregnancy. Some do, it seems, but I'd say it's also normal not to
Real contractions (to me) feel like wicked killer period cramps. Some of my BHs feel like that but certainly not all of them.
Mine is...but it always is. I just don't care enough about that LOL. I did clean my shower and tub yesterday though...so there's something LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Ottbabies its a button on the home page underneath "Formula Fed America" there is also another button under the "links" tab I did that part. It's the code here: You've selected Cape Cod metro area. (change) Formula Fed America needs the following info for your demand to count. * Gender * Year of birth * mobile number (optional) * Email address * Enter this code The part where it...
I just wanted to say that while MDC might be pro-HB, there are LOTS of us who have and LOVE our HOSPITAL births too LOL You've got to do what's right for you and what makes you comfortable.
I did with DD. It was within a day or two of conception and my boobs hurt so bad. It felt like my bra was made from sandpaper, seriously. I certainly wasn't TTC (I was 17) so that wasn't it... I didn't even think of pregnancy until my friend (who had two kids already) asked when I had DTD and when my period was. I didn't even know when ovulation would occur (I just figured you can get pregnant any time but it SURE WOULDN'T HAPPEN TO ME lol)
It depends on the hospital. At mine it just means a heplock. They administer the antibiotics every four hours or whatever but you don't carry around the pole and you aren't attached to the bed. You can't birth there in the tub anyway but you can still labor in it. I was pos with dd (10 yrs ago) and neg with DS and with this baby.
I never had them with my other kids. It is so horrible. I was at the point where I would bleed every single time (and I so wasn't straining) and through this pregnancy, I've been going up to six times a day. It would even hurt to just pee. I was sersiously considering a homemade c section because of the fear of actually PUSHING down there! LOL I was literally in tears and holding onto the window sill to brace myself because of the pain...and I had natural childbirth...
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