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The person behind you is. He rearended you (making him automatically at fault) and caused the other. You COULD get a citation for "following too closely" but it's easily fought. This could vary by state GL
Quote: Originally Posted by queenjane You're misunderstanding the point, and i'm betting that DR misrepresented exactly what CS said to her. Its not that bf babies are smart and ff babies are stupid. But its likely that had a ff baby received bm, that ff baby's IQ would be higher than what it is. Its all relative. Whatever the potential IQ for any given child, it is likely reduced by not receiving human milk. I suppose ten IQ points dont much matter if...
I take my kids' temps if they feel hot. I don't medicate unless it were kind of high- 103 for DD, maybe 102 for DS because he's younger, but it all depends on other things too- Like their degree of misery. If one of them seemed in pain, I would give some Tylenol. DD has only been sick a handful of times and she's lathargic when she is. No Dr visit unless it were bad- she's pretty mainstream and would definately push meds
That is so awesome!!!! Truthfully, I think it's easier to reel them in when they're young LOL
I just saw it too and was coming to post LOL I love them showing NIP without a cover AND showing boob!!! I could see the opening of her nursing bra! And the baby was teething- she said "ouch don't bite me" or whatever and kept on trucking. On the Two and a Half Men before this one there was another BFing momma, too. And the baby was older (like 6+ months it looked like) This is my new favorite show
Get a lot of Totally Toddler, a lot of Magic Erasers and always bring extra clothes- wherever you go... then laugh :-)
UGH! When my son was about a month old his pd asked where he was sleeping and I said "with me". She went on and on about SIDS this and blah blah. She also added that he might get too used to sleeping with me- used to my heartbeat and such (ya... that's the point LOL) She also said there was a new study that showed an increase in SIDS with co-sleeping. The only study like that I found was sposored by some baby furniture company or something. I've been lying to her ever since
Quote: Originally Posted by menomena I never buy Nestle (as far as I'm aware at least; I know they own a lot of companies that changes with alarming frequency). I at least never buy the Nestle or the Stouffers labels. So, I won't buy any for Halloween, obviously, either. In fact, for Halloween, I usually buy some chocolate and then smarties. This year, I wanted to give out erasers and stickers and such, but DP, and my mom & dad have convinced me that...
So, since I'm pretty new to this boycotting thing- what do you do about Halloween? (for those who are mainstream enough for candy) I bought snickers and milky ways (i think those are safe- i checked but could be wrong) Do you let your kids eat nestle stuff that they get? do you ban it altogether? do you figure that it's already paid for so there's no point? :
Thanks for the Germany info! It gives me hope that he's not circed.
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