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Hmm, really strange. I was just searching for info on this bc of what happened to me this morning. I've been feeling really run down and woke up coughing with a sore throat and feeling lethargic, with itchy eyes etc. My line of thinking was remembering people talking about making a garlic tea or infusion or what have you, or eating it raw, for immune function benefits. I put 1 raw clove through the garlic press, steeped it for 10 min in hot water, added honey, a little...
They are all wonderful and have all been on my list for years. . I wouldn't prob actually USE Ariel bc of the Disney thing, but I think Arden and Avalon are both strong contenders, I like Arden a tiny bit more, but one thing to think of is also that names ending in 'den' are very popular right now (Jayden, Hayden, Braden, Aiden, Kaiden, ETC) if that matters to you.
no advice, but
Congrats!!!! :d :d :d
I've always had accurate positives/negatives with them and know several people IRL who have as well.
-nak- For my first, water broke and started some contrax which were slowly building up, went to the hospital a couple hours later at 3 cm, was there for about 20 hrs laboring, during which labor stalled out, was put on Pit, had a 'we're tired of waiting for you' c section. It was 23 hours from when water broke to c section, and i had gotten to 7 cm with the "help" of the Pit. Second one, I had (in retrospect) predomal labor for weeks and didn't realize it was The...
I think a (warm) mid to light brown or something in the yellow family would be nice. I l the paint colors and color combos Delight uses here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/happyja...7600094974612/
Either way--I saw it coming but it still left a bad taste in my mouth.
Quote: Originally Posted by helen_emily indigo73 your dreads are so sweet (and yes i know that sounds like a funny description for locks hehe) , i love how curly the ends are. Hehe nah they were just very enthusiastic i didn't actually try any of the smoke or other drugs over there, so i can't help you with the "thai-stick" either. I've finally gotten a couple more pics of my dreads up on flickr ... there's a few others from...
I would do whatever would make the house most functional, regarless of how other people think you "should" (ie parents only in the master, etc).
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