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Quote: Originally Posted by Indigo73 It's official. I will be dready as of the 18th of next month (and inked in 2 weeks). : Awesome on both accounts!
Quote: Originally Posted by earthzizu Hello all you awesome women with dreads! I've just spent several hours reading several dread threads on this forum that spanned back at least a couple years, and I'm *finally* caught up! First of all, I am blown away NOT ONLY by the photos of all of your hair (which look FANTASTIC), but the CONSTANT maintenance and update photos you show over time which is so cool. I've been wanting dreads for many years and have...
MF, oh dear...how horrible that must have felt when she realized the impact what she did... Dilemma: My dreads look much neater (which I like! othewise there are a lot of them that are kinda flat and really funky shaped and there are a lot of loose hairs which I'm not sure where they came from?? Hmmm), if I roll them regularly--BUT--I think it's making them looser. Do you guys have any feedback about that? The longest I've gone without touching them except to separate...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shami I feel better reading all of your posts...in a sick kind of a way.
OP, to answer your Q, I would have been more serious about having people take care of me--it is hard to be on call 24-7, literally, with a kid on you day and night needing you... My own story; I came into AP expecting that a great natural pregnancy & birth, unrestricted bfing on demand, babywearing and bedsharing and responding immediately to needs and not doing traumatic stuff like circ and vax, would nurture a child that barely cried, because they didn't have to. I...
...Keep wrapping them around you till they fit (we have one with extra long straps so my DH can wear it too), tie them in a bow or bunch, or kind of tuck/fold them into the part tied around your waist. We love ours for newborn on up. I am wearing my 17 month old in it right now.
Love it!
I love this story!! In your follow up post, you said your DH wasn't comfy doing it 100% UC intentionally...If you have a good relationship, as it sounds, with the HB MW, perhaps you can just have her nearby, even in the house but in another room, or near you but totally hands off for this upcoming labor... Basically just have her there to make your DH comfortable, and to clean up afterward and avoid the type of hospital situation you had afterward last time....
March 1st at 2 pm! And I edited the OP with more info about what the group is currently offering.
Just wanted to add that most if not all of the crunchy families I know in the area have intact sons, I know diff families go to diff pedi's, so I don't think there is just one magical foreskin friendly doc in the area, but perhaps a good range of them?
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