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We've always had wonderful experience with my intact son with Dr Segal from Tonawanda Pediatrics: http://tonawandapediatrics.com/
welcome back! (nak) :
Quote: Originally Posted by auburnmamma Majikfaerie, How is australia? We have no TV so we did not hear about the fire until today and I noticed you had not posted here in a bit - hope this post finds you and yours healthy and happy. Peace. : Yeah, That. Everything OK?
I owe you guys pictures!
Now that I've read through this discussion, I am intruiged. Will be watching during a naptime soon....
We've just discovered the night time diapering solution that works for us after using sposies at night for ages on our 3 y/o and 17 m/old. We are using a sz med Fuzzi Bunz, single stuffed, with a sz lrg Bummis Super Whisper Wrap over it. For both boys. We've been doing this for several weeks and there's only been one leak so far. For some reason, as long as only their inner is wet (and you don't feel it too badly in the FB fabric touching their skin) they don't complain...
Quote: Originally Posted by Britishmama Ok back from the ped, this is the lowest level he's seen. She has ricketts, they have done more blood tests to see why, tomorrow we may have to worry more They gave us 2,000iu drops and they hope in a month we'll be back to perfect. it's called one-alpha they say, it has sorbitol 22mg per drop and alchol but no nuts, it's not ideal but I don't think I have a choice right now The funky head shape is from the...
OP, We live in a >1200 with two adults and 2 kids and a cat and there is room for another couple of people (prob 1 adult or 2 kids) still. I am still figuring out storage solutions to stuff (we moved at the end of summer) and wish our kitchen was bigger, but, some people CHOOSE to have a smaller home. Most of the people I know with children and large houses have kids in school/daycare and both parents work full time to make ends meet. I wanted to stay home with my...
bump. we are welcoming new members at an open house the first weekend of march. :
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