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Pm'd you with info.
My dreads haven't been neatened/touched in a long (to me) time (except the daily ripping LOL), and they are looking really messy. Wispies, stray hairs and lots of loops and quirks--there are only a couple that are growing 'straight' LOL. I'm comissioned DH to roll tidy things up this week, so if that gets done I will have before and after pics.
: So glad for you..and him. Really sounds like the best outcome from the whole situation!
Not much to say, but I have been following. :
Ps. We say we're due for our 'easy baby' now, :P but there is certainly no gaurentee! And I am not ready to risk it yet!
I just want to chime in; I had a 22 mo-old normal-needs-level toddler when my feisty one was born. And it was still hellish. It was a horrible adjustment to realizing when *I* was the only one there (most of the time, I was a SAHM with a partner who works 8 hr days) often times I could literally not meet both their needs at once at the same time. But it was liberating to realize that others adding #2 or #3 were in the same boat. It hurts your heart not to give 100% all...
Living space. We knocked out a wall to double the size of the living room when we bought this house, bc we wanted the space to go twd living space rather than bedroom space. That left us with 2.5 bedrooms (the .5 is a very, very small one, though it's perfect sized for a very small person who has elsewhere to store his toys! LOL) for 4 people, and no regrets about it! (the downstairs bedroom is currently pulling double duty as a guestroom and playroom because the kids are...
That would be awesome! I haven't come up with much in googling.
Quote: Originally Posted by purplemamaturtle5 I cant take it anymore. I am starting to feel down about my dreads again. . I just feel like i'm doing something wrong. They are such a mess!! I have soooooooooooooooooooo many loose hairs. My husband usually works on my hair at least 1-2 times a week (although its been like a week or so since he's done that)...but heres the deal. I have had dreads for over a month now and have only washed with dr. bronners...
Can anyone help me with a recipe? I would love to make those granola-bar type things, the soft ones with fruit puree inside. Basically vegan (honey is ok), and soy/wheat free (could adapt a wheat recipe to oat or other flour I guess). I'd love to give them to my DS1 instead of the full-of-yucky store bought ones.
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