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We use Ener-G Egg Replacer. It seems to work well in all kinds of recipes, including pancakes and bread.
We are milk, egg, and wheat-free. (Also fish and nuts.) I shop every couple weeks at Whole Foods to stock up on things like rice pasta. You can also find things like wheat-free animal crackers and pretzels. Also casein-free cheeses, so we can even make pizza! I would not spend the money on baking mixes though. We got some gluten-free cookbooks from the library and found recipes for bread, pancakes, etc. If they call for milk you can substitute soy, and egg replacer for eggs.
DS is 18 months and does not have his own room. He may get one this summer if we move to another apartment.
I quit pumping at 14 months. I had to return the borrowed pump I was using, but I was ready to quit at that point anyway because my output had diminished to the point where I was only getting a few oz each session. DS is 18 months and still an avid nurser, and does not get any formula or cow's milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan With a single lane turning into multiple lanes, I generally turn into the lane I need next. On a left turn you are allowed to turn into any lane, but on a right turn you are supposed to turn into the rightmost lane. (At least in California.) Unless you are turning onto a one-way street, in which case you always turn into any lane. http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/pgs25thru29.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Aren't those all also listed possible adverse reactions of the vaccine? -Angela The question is, with what frequency? With respect to encephalitis, it has already been posted here: Quote: Originally Posted by dymanic They report the incidence of encephalitis following MMR as one in a million, while the reported incidence following natural infection is one in a thousand. That's a...
For some reason the stupid things I have said stick out in my memory much more than things people have said to me, so here's one that happened when I was an undergrad. I was talking to a friend from Hawaii, and I think she was telling me about her high school, and I asked something like "How big is the village you lived in?" I had traveled to a lot of places in the Caribbean, but only ever to random backwater villages, and it had never occured to me that there might be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Tim Horton's. It's a doughnut/coffee shop in Canada. It's hugely popular, and considered a Canadian institution. I like their doughnuts reasonably well, but don't like the coffee. (I'm going to run and hide now, before my irate fellow Canadian posters hunt me down and beat me to death.) On the subject of Timmy's... No, you can not order an "Egg McMuffin" at the Tim Horton's drive through!
Quote: Originally Posted by barose After his many plastic surgeries. That's what's bizarre. I don't think they look like him (pre-surgery) at all. There's an old photo of him here: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Jackson.html
Quote: Originally Posted by mimim I wanted to point something out to those who are saying that they are pro-life for themselves, but pro-choice politically. You are pro-choice, period. Thank you, I was just getting ready to post something to the same effect after reading the first couple of pages. Pro-choice means you support people's right to choose - and that includes choosing not to get an abortion.
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