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Good for you. Your DD is lucky! I have cut out wheat, eggs, milk, nuts and fish to continue breastfeeding my 18-month-old. No plans to wean any time soon. So what if I am stuck eating only the expensive dark chocolate? Such a hardship! Sorry people aren't more supportive.
Y'all are just pretenders. Come back when you've really been banned and lived to tell about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaS Actually, the disease has shifted to be a greater risk to infants <3 months, which is why I said "younger infants." http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/content/full/174/4/451 Figure 3 in that paper shows that the incidence of pertussis in infants has been steadily decreasing. However, the incidence in slightly older children decreased even more. This can lead to infants making up a greater percentage of reported cases...
The only reason to give the hep B vax at birth is if the mother has it. They recommend it for all babies to catch undiagnosed cases, but if you are sure you do not have hep B, I would skip it. We declined it and had no problems. No one tried to push us on the issue while we were at the hospital.
No. I cut my own, but he won't let me do his. Of course, he only gets it cut like once every 5 years anyway, so it's not a big expense.
Quote: Originally Posted by mykdsmomy There is no vaccine for TB....did you mean tetanus? Actually, there is: http://www.cdc.gov/tb/pubs/tbfactsheets/BCG.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by Spy Just choosing to live with one risk instead of two, it's a no brainer. Unless the sum of two small risks is less than the one larger risk.
I had no vaccinations as a child. I've had pertussis, rubella, and chicken pox. I later got the MMR, DTaP, meningoccocal, typhoid, IPV, and hep B vaxes as a teenager/adult. Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration it's not a vpd, but i had scarlet fever. and i've never had strep throat after that. funny how that works, that natural immunity. Funny indeed. Didn't seem to work for me. I had scarlet fever as a teenager, and a wicked case of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheal Then it's like 2+2 does not always equal 4. Metaphysics states that in some instances it could equal 5. I think this is only tangentially related because the original statement is not talking about philosophical possibilities or metaphysics, but about observational evidence. If you consider "2+2 always equals 4" to be empirical knowledge (as opposed to being derived from the axioms of addition), then the...
Quote: Originally Posted by PlayaMama i'm pretty sure that it means that science can never prove that anything is absolutely true. that's why evolution is a "theory". sure, a lot of data supports that theory which is why it's what we currently use BUT there is no claim that a huge mountain of data showing it to be false would change our current workable theory. in light of vaccinations, i believe it would mean that based upon current knowledge...
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