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Mostly I think it means one should be wary of oversimplified statements and generalizations, as a single counter-example can prove them false.
For a really long time I thought that the word "misled" was the past tense of "to misle."
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheal Here's my theory: RSV is just a souped up, quick action mutation of Pertussis. Quote: Originally Posted by delphiniumpansy But they are different. Pertussis is a bacterial infection and rsv is a virus. : It is simply not possible for RSV to be a "mutation" of pertussis. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheal A study on Pertussis\RSV...
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration if you're not doing the full schedule then you are at some point going against the literature. So you believe the literature supports the CDC schedule as the one and only best option?
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration doesn't the fact that each and every selective and delayed vaxer comes up with their own schedule mean that some of you, at one time or other, is going against the "evidence"? Not necessarily. It is entirely possible for the evidence to support a range of acceptable schedules. It's not like there is research out there that says you must get X vaccine at 12 months plus or minus 2 days.
My experience is that every mother thinks her own baby is the best, so I wouldn't stress too much about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by daekini And EXpresso, like a pp said. I work at a bookstore that has a coffee shop within, and even some of the people who serve ESpresso say it that way. : I am reminded of when I got to university and wandered into a fancy coffee shop for the first time. My hick self tried to order a "lat." The server, with some amusement, told me it was pronounced "LAH-tay." I still think of that every time I order one. And I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by holly6737 No one has ever claimed, to my knowledge, that peer-reviewed literature is infallible. This is just the way science works. It's unfortunate when that concept can not be grasped. No scientist would ever claim that all peer-reviewed literature is infallible. However, that doesn't debunk the whole system and definitely doesn't shake the hierarchy of peer-reviewed literature over a random site on the internet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Science Mom Six months is not a magic cut-off for pertussis disease severity. Even 1 DTaP can attenuate disease severity so a child does have some protection prior to 6 months old. No efficacy is a common misconception. Good point. I think it is good to get what protection you can against pertussis early. And even if the mortality rate after 6 months is lower, that doesn't mean it's not still a serious...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaniknik I have nursed 10 children so I have lots of experience. If you are breastfeeding without supplement or your baby is eating but still nurses a lot (like at will, several times a day) your cycle won't return. Once your baby starts nursing less (like 3-4 times a day or less) your cycle will return. I wish that were true for everyone. I got my period back at 6 weeks despite exclusively breastfeeding and...
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