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I also started my daughter on OM KG..and we are using a little of Frontline phonics. Do we have to do all the craft projects that are listed in the syllabus for each lesson like making bread and other things? I would like to do that but if we don't have time..will that push us behind. I don't know since this is my first year using OM. Also, does any KG mommies supplement for Math (I am thinking of supplementing like Saxon or MathUSee) since my dd already knows her...
Salams all, I am in the Virginia area, and homeschooling for the first time this year to my soon to be 5 year old..still confused as to what I will be using but most definitely it will be OM and probably supplement math with Saxon or MathUSee. How do you incorporate islamic studies in your daily schedule if you do homeschool. We try to do a little of it in the beginning of the morning circle. Have a blessed Ramadan Duaas Ummy
My dd is 4 and loves to be read to, but when I try to teach her how to read she kinda shrugs away. I ordered Frontline phonics so hopefully we will have fun while learning!! Anyone heard of frontline phonics
My dd was vaxed on Friday and Monday she came down with a fever, sore throat, and cramping of her stomach. She had the Dtap and Polio vax but I am not sure if she had a bad reaction to the vax or if this is just a common cold/flu. She still has the same symptoms after 4 days. Anyone can give me advice
Wow Thank you for all those wonderful suggestions. I hate to give tylenol as well but sometimes I am forced to b/c my dc don't react too well when it comes to fevers. My dd has stomach pains which is why her fever went up in the first place..any suggestions for cramping mild stomach pains? Thanks again!!
Wow so long!! Congrats. I guess the Paragard really worked for you!! So does the bleeding/cramps naturally subside after the 1st year and no copper toxitity in the body right? I have another form of copper Iud called Nova..it's only good for 3 years but I heard it is good so it is not so heavy on the body..
Hi all NOVA mommies, I am in Centreville. Anyone out there in the same area homeschool, if so, what curriculum do u use? Ummy
Our house has also been hit by those annoying disgusting bugs My dd has it and we went to Whole Foods yesterday to get some natural remedy..i had to leave the gel in for at least 4 hours..and still I found several after looking at her hair with a magnifying glass. My son had a little at the back of his head..but I tried to pick out the nits. I washed all the sheets and her clothing but do contiunously keep cleaning the sheets/clothes? How long do they survive if...
Hi All, We are thinking of possibly reloacting to Toronto (Missasauga)? in the next year or so. How is the weather? I am sure the winters are harsh and bitterly cold. How are the summers? Lots of homeschooling moms? Organic junkies like me? Anyone in this area please let me know. THanks
Hi all, Sometimes my dear ones run a high fever about 102. I hate to give them Motrin or Tylenol but always get persuaded from members of the family that it is no harm. Should we treat fevers all the time or let the body run it's course. I know a fever cannot be a bad thing but sometimes I get scared and don't know what to do. Also, what homeopathic/natural remedies should one give on a daily basis to help support the immune system so our dear ones don't get sick...
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