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Hello all, I haven't got my cycle for over a week now, only a day of spotting, day before my period is supposed to come. I have been stressed this month so I wanted to know can this affect the cycle really? I am scared nervous, and hoping i am not pregnant. I also read that book, Taking care of your Fertility and they say that you are pretty safe the first couple of days after period and we ddt it on day 6th of my cycle. I have doubt that I coudl be pregnant...
Hi all, I usually have short cycles, every 19 days and ovulate somewhere btwn the 9th or 10th day. This time my dh and I came together on the 6th day right after my period was done. I should have had my period about 5 days ago but only saw some spotting the day before it was supposed to come. Can someone get pregnant right after their period. I usually thought that was a safe window period but now I am stressing and hoping im not pregnant. I have been stressed...
Hello all, My dd craves dirt it seems and it seems like she always wants to eat it. Today I saw her eating some sand and sometimes if I allow her to play with clay, she will put it in her mouth. She doesn't have anemia because we checked it so I don't know what is causing her to do this. I heard there is a disorder called pica that some kids have that makes them want to eat dirt and stuff. Any suggestions and what should I do? thanks
Hello My 3 1/2 year old is quite active, but she doesn't seem to be thriving..she is about 25 % on the growth chart in height and weight. She is quite intelligent too which probably explains her activity levels. I wanted to do a thyroid check to see if everything is okay. Should I be concerned and get her tested??
Hello all My dd is 3 1/2 and is about 29 pounds. She isn't really thriving, and is super active. Should I check to see if she has any thryoid problems? Does anyone know what the symptoms are if there is thryoid issues? She is about 25 % in the growth chart in height and weight. I don't know if I am just worrying about nothing or is this something serious.
What is it?
Hello all, I just purchased this book and wanted to know what you all thought about it? Any good book recommendations for teaching kids (waldorf endorsed) kg concepts? Thanks
Hello all, I make baby food for my ds, and I freeze it in those plastic cube trays. IT lasts him for a good 2 months. Is this okay to give b/c of the whole plastic thing? I am sometimes worried that maybe freezing it in those plastic cube trays is nto really healthy. Do you guys think it is okay?\ Thanks
Hello all, I am currently taking Rainbow Lite prenatal pills but is there a Rainbow lite brand or something similar without iron? The dosage 30mg is quite a lot for me to handle. Thanks!! Ummy
I want to know more about this because my ds started solids and I just had my cycle returned in late Jan. Here it is in March and yet still no period. I don't think I can be pregnant because we take precautions and you can't really get pregnant right after your cycle even if you don't use anything. Is that true? I have a lot of discharge and I think it's coming but it's not. Is it common for the periods to be irregular when you're nursing?
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