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Mt. Auburn - hands down! Good luck and congrats!
Forgive me if this is insensitive to what you are looking for....but i am surprised that she isnt taking some kind of "break" to update her skills, to process what happened, and maybe even some sort of disciplinary hearing through her supervising organization.
Holly - My other two are almost 6, and almost 2. I've taken a few more tests too - and i just love seeing the line getting darker and darker!!! Hubby is having a bit of a "3rd baby crisis" and has been looking at motorcycles and fast cars he wants to buy.  He'll never get them though, he just likes to look and pretend i think! haha.   You're so funny about wanting to look at tiny baby clothes! I'm a nurse and had a set of tiny twins that come in yesterday....and i...
You beat me to it! When i opened the Feb 12 group there were no posts, and by the time i posted (I'm at work and it took me 20 min) you had already posted this! hehe, great minds!   Hi!!!!   Sorry you are ALREADY having yucky symptoms =(  The only reason i know so early is because we had an oopsi-do and I've been waiting to see if it...well...materialized....and WHAT DO YOU KNOW...preggers! lol. We were a little shocked but are super excited and love our babies!...
Looks like I'm the first one to post!   Just got a very unexpected BFP over the weekend and am due sometime in the beginning of Feb. This will be #3 for us and once the shock wore off we are very excited!!!   Does anyone else know yet?!!!    
 She has always been quite anxious and emotional but it has only worsened as she gets older, and I really think its affecting her life. Looking for advice, resources and some thoughts from others who has dealt/is dealing with with a child with similar temperament.   She FREAKS out if things don’t go as planned, especially if she was somehow involved. I'm not even talking big things; I'm talking really small minor things. For example we were in a boat over the summer...
At the hospital i used to work at, it was just the mama that had to consent. Of course once you are out of the hospital either parent could go and get it done without the other parent knowing.   Whats going on mama?
That IS weird! I'm constantly amazed at how much our mind controls our body (duh, obviously...but you know what i mean! lol). Maybe because your little one is so new your body is trying to "save" the milk for her to make sure she gets enough. I'm sure things with go back to normal as she grows. Do you every nurse them at the same time?
Maybe try the local hospitals? I know Emerson hospital in Mass has a young mothers group, many are single, for mom's 27 and under.
Thanks for your input everyone.   My daughter is 5 1/2 and her brother goes to the same center as she does. She and the teacher were working on some words, and the teacher has the kids spell them and then use them in a sentence. The word was "fuss" and DD said "When my brother fusses mommy nurses him." The teacher told her that "if he's in Miss. Janes class he should not be nursing."  He's in Miss Jane's 12 - 20 month class.   Of course as soon as DD got in the...
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