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We bought 3 and love them. Fast service. We had to send all 3 back for resizing and recieved new ones in 3 days, amazing service.
I introduced the binkie at 6 weeks since my LO thought that I made a good pacifier. He would nurse all day if he could. I use the pacifiers that are said to resemble a mother's nipple by platex. He refuses to use the other one.
My LO started teething at 2 1/2 month. Noticed because he was drooling, blowing bubbles and sucking on anything and everything. Oh and lets not forget the fussiness. he is now 3 1/2 and his 4 front teeth are all wanting to come in.
Has anyone ever felt that they were over-charged by their baby's doctor on the bill? If so, did you dispute it? We currently have a bill for $117, one visit (weight, temp and looked at sore on my DS bottom) and we feel we got double charged because we don't have insurance. Does that sound high to you all.
He is very whinny, clingy and cranky and I felt his gums on the top and it feels like two hard bumps. where his front teeth would be. He is only 2 1/2 months old does this sound like he is and is it normal to get them so soon. oh yeah and he is drooling so much tat he can blow bubbles. edit #2 okay dh just looked and his gums have two bums in a perfect line up of where they come in. When you press lightly you feel something hard. Poor man. What can we do for him?
my son has what you described. Honestly I just used a baby comb and brushed it and leave it to air out witout oil. Some of it lefted off and a few days later its all gone. hope that makes sense and helps.
Okay aftert reading what you all have posted he isn't constipated, he just isn't having any stool movements. He is really cranky today so I think he is working on something. Edit..~TMI~ his diaper just had a little and it wasn't hard.
My 2 month old has only had one stool movement in the pasted week. We don't have insurance so I can't just run him to the doctor. they charged 115.00 dollars last time and all they did was, weight him and look at a sore he had on his bottom. I gave him a little water after reading this site. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/inf...pation/AN01089 oh yeah he crys whenever he farts. oh hell now he is just all out not happy. HELP Should add that he is breastfeed.
My DH got me this... Which i love. http://www.lovedbaby.com/ decided to buy instead thanks for the replys.
Quote: Originally Posted by sarahmae1 It may be unlikely, but I did get AF back at 5 weeks w/ DS1 and 6 weeks w/ DS2 and it came regularly too. for me. Yeah it feels just like my period. I have been walking a lot lately, but vow to take it easy for the next couple of days and see what happens.
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