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Well, it turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I ended up getting a random check in the mail for 2500 dollars (talk about manifestation!) and was able to get pretty good financing through a dealership on a 2004 Nissan Quest, for 10000 (monthly payment of $258, which is not a wonderful interest rate, but I figure I can refinance after 6 months.). They asked me to put 1500 down, which I am going to and I'll still get to keep 1000 dollars. Whoo hoo! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by RGsMom If you make excellent money now, would you be able to set aside a few hundred for the few months or a little more and just pay cash for something. I mean we got a really great deal on a used car - $1000 a few years back, though it was through a friend, I know to someone else, they would've only asked $1500 from someone else and it has worked great for the last 2 years and continuing! A lot cars are available - at...
Yay! Hi! I work for a neurosurgery group. I do all the patient care and surgery coordination for one of the neurosurgeons. I set up things like patient transport and surgery from outer islands, all kinds of stuff, everything except for surgery, I guess.. It's sort of borderline nursing (which I am in school for, but not sure I ever want to be an actual nurse, haha). I also coordinate with the various reps for getting things like the Stealth,imaging, and all kinds of...
Yep! My dd was in an enclosed sped classroom, but they just joined a headstart preschool class to become an inclusion class! We love it. So far it's been great!
Does anyone have any advice on how to get a bad credit auto loan, that's safe? Basically, I was divorced last year, I don't have much credit, what I do is bad and I just started working so I don't have any savings yet, really. My mom takes my dd (special needs) to school everyday on the bus while I go to work at the hospital 30 miles away. It's easier for me to drive because to take the bus would add hours to my already hours long commute cutting down on the already...
Any other mamas work in healthcare settings, but aren't nurses?
Kudos to you mama. I am a single mom and I also look back at my life from a year ago and wonder how I turned it around 180 degrees to what it is now. It's funny how life can change like that. Take blessings in all the joys you've earned!!! I truly believe that those who are tested the most have some higher meaning they are living for, some important thing to learn and share...be that compassion or whatever else. Hugs to you.
About the ear split - sometimes if it's there for awhile it can get a bit of a fungal infection. I actually had this for like a year one time (I have immune issues) and a hydrocortisone cream mixed with lotrimin got rid of it (after like a month).
Have you had the wound cultured?
Hmm, that does sound like a long time to be spotting. I'm not sure, but I think IUD's are recommended usually for women who've had prior childbirth. I hope it goes away for you. Have you gone back to the OB? If not, I definitely would. That doesn't sound right.
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