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Yep. Ok, so maybe my family just has a weird tradition. I suppose, I will have to concede on this issue.
Ralph, Rollan, Gaspar, Joseph, Otha, William I really, really love my great grandfather's name - Otha, but alas, it was nixed by the ex husband.
Mildred Lucille (went by Lucille) Marilyn Joan (step) Great Grandmas - Minnie, Dorothy, Mae Anne (my name is Annie May, after her )
So when you get an engagement ring, does it go on the right hand, and then get switched over to the left when you get married? Or does it just automatically go on the left hand? My boyfriend and I have totally been arguing about this. And no, he's not proposing (at least I don't think. ) Is it different regionally or in different cultures? He is from Hawaii, and I grew up in a very traditional Irish/Italian family. One set of grands was from Ire, one was from...
It sounds like a seizure to me. My dd also has complex partial epilepsy and I have seen a lot of strange things happen. The first seizure she ever had, she became stiff as a board and her head and eyes turned to the side. The doctor said that was a complex partial with a secondary generalized seizure. I don't know if that helps or not. I hope you can get ahold of the consultant soon.
I've been ordering stuff from www.trendyblanks.com. Specifically this stuff http://www.trendyblanks.com/American...ng-Sleeves.htm If you order more than 36 items you can get the wholesale price, so it might be worth it to go in on some stuff with friends? My son will only wear long sleeve shirts and pants so I've ordered almost all of his stuff from them. It's nice too!
One important thing to remember also, is that he's never gonna love your kids like you love them. Or if he does, it's something thats gonna take time to happen - they both have to have their own memories and bonds to create together and it doesn't happen overnight. I think that was hard for me at first. I just wanted us all to be a happy family, where everyone was treated equally. But it wasn't like that. It took about a year to get there, where everyone was...
It sounds like she really craves the attention she gets one on one, but when the two of you are together, maybe the attention isn't ALL focused on her and she gets resentful. I have the same problem with my kids - step and biological. How old is she? Have you talked to her about it?
Quote: Originally Posted by angel1895 ds will be getting an EEG... we dont know when yet... but hopefully the appt with the ped neurologist with coincide with the EEG... and the cultures taken in the ER were great... nothing was off (thank you) more updates as I get them... thanks for the support!!! Yes, please keep us updated! A neurologist will review the eeg and should send a report in to your doctor. If anything is off they'll get...
Ok, so the post about all the red flags had me thinking. What do you look for when choosing a partner who is perfect for you? After coming from abusive pasts, like many of us have - finding the good parts of a relationship can be even harder than spotting the bad. I remember about six months after dating my now partner, we got into an argument about something. I stated why I was upset and expected him to go into defensive mode and start insulting me. Instead, he...
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