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no way. the smoke stench lingers and gives me headaches, asthma attacks, etc.
prefold with snappi or fitted. of course the prefold gets wet - it absorbs the urine. the prefold would get equally wet regardless of what you have on the outside, because the pee is being absorbed on the inside. sounds like he just needed to change it sooner. in terms of night i would use a flat padfolded inside a fitted and then wool on top.
i totally agree with the above. my 19 month old girl goes through tons of dipes in the summer because she drinks more. if you change it right away with every pee, that adds up to a lot of diapers. she doesn't poop that often but she's prone to constipation - as long as he's not getting diarrhea i would just be thankful all the plumbing is working ;)
i use country save. i'd rate it an 8 - after 6 months+ i eventually had to strip but i don't think it's the detergent's fault. it always left my prefolds, fitteds, and hemp and bamboo inserts in fantastic shape. i had some trouble with my pul/fleece pocket shells. it started when i tried rockin' green though, not country save! i have a FLer too so it may well be that it needed more rinsing. i haven't had any staining, my dipes smell nice (even though she's got toddler...
i find mildew stains never come out, but bleaching does kill the microbes.
right now i'm loving my Bummis prefolds and wraps - either bummis super whisper wraps or thirsties duo, which i like even better. i also absolutely love my AMP duo pockets which can also be used as an all in two. i didn't like happy heinys pockets, primarily because of the microfibre inserts. i MUCH prefer hemp or bamboo inserts, and i also prefer snaps over velcro but the happy heinys snap version just plain has too many snaps (4 snaps at the waist to do up on a wiggly...
excessive heel strike when running will also cause severe shin splints. try to have a more midfoot landing, rather than heel strike.
i absolutely agree. i HATE this picture because it's so far off representing what it was like to bf my 3-4 year old. i mean, really. how often do we breastfeed our children standing around and looking like that? the whole thing about attachment parenting is ATTACHMENT. not standing on chairs doing something weird. extended bfing, as a species, is totally normal for humans. the picture is not normal. if you want to talk about extended bfing, have a realistic photo. if you...
milk of magnesia is a solution of magnesium hydroxide. it helps relieve constipation. you're not supposed to use it long term unless your doctor says so, but it can really help when you've been stopped up for a long time.   if you have long term issues and need to retrain the bowel a daily dose of Peg 3350 (sold under various names like Lax-a-day, restoralax, miralax, glycolax) is suggested by a few pediatricians i know. it's a white powder you mix into any beverage....
i've been able to use my Super Whisper Wraps with prefolds for several changes before it needs to be washed. i use 2 per day plus as many times as she poops and i've never noticed them smelling bad (i have a sensitive nose, too). i think the key is to change very frequently so the cover never gets particularly wet. i have LOTS of diapers so i change her every couple hours, even if it's just a very light wetting.
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