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DD wasn't in grade school when she weaned, but she had been in nursery school for more than a year already. i simply said that most kids don't get mama milk when they get older, many only get it as babies and some don't get mama milk at all, they use just bottles. i explained that it was something special between us, and that since many other kids don't get mama milk, they might not understand that it is special. from what i can tell, it never came up - except when a...
definitely breast first, solids second.   my cycle returned at 5 months, having not introduced a single bite of solids until after 6 months. someone else i know was 15 months before AF returned. both are considered normal - it's an individual thing that varies widely. i just wasn't lucky i guess :)
it's heartbreaking if you throw out any milk. doesn't matter how long it took you to collect it, that stuff's liquid gold.   i second the suggestion to freeze milk. either he can use it to bottle feed, or you can save it to mix with cereals later on. no waste that way.
wow, that's lots! part of me wants to say "way to go!" and part of me wants to go "wow, that must get uncomfortable if you don't follow the usual patterns". :)   my girl was big too, she outgrew her infant seat before 6 months, i used to joke that i had whipping cream instead of milk. her weight gain tapered off so she was much closer to average after 12-18 months.. so i don't think you and i quite have the same experience.   i think it's hard to say how pumping...
hated the isis - couldn't squeeze a drop. period.   i haven't tried the medela harmony but i tried all sorts of other medela pumps (older styles) and they all worked well. my fav was the ameda single-hand manual pump, it simply worked the best for me. plus it could be used on my Purely Yours electric pump too.
hugs! what a sweet message :)
that's awful. i'm so sorry. i was completely on my own when i had my first.. except i DID have family. i can't believe all your mutual friends are so unsupportive. and i wish your coworkers did something for you, just to be nice. you deserve so much more than you've been given.
in the grand scheme of things it's NOT a bad thing but i'm disappointed.. in late evening i had contractions 14 minutes apart. in the middle of the night they were 10 minutes apart, and 7 minutes apart by 6-7 am. i was JUST about to go to the city, made arrangements for DD1 and everything..   and it wasn't real. i was SO looking forward to having this baby today, and nothing.
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