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see, that's the thing about natural inductions that i'm counting on - if the body is simply NOT ready, it won't do a thing.. which is a lot safer IMHO compared to medical inductions.. helping one's body along its natural processes is a positive thing. trying to force it isn't.
oy.. as supportive as they are in many ways.. they sure aren't like me in many ways! i told my mom that we'd be birthing at City hospital and getting transferred to Smallville when we're stable. so, probably in the city thursday, back friday, home sunday or monday. she was shocked, and couldn't understand why it made any difference. she figured the city hospital isn't so far away.. and in some ways that's true but it's a HUGE difference in terms of how it will affect our...
congratulations! what a big boy - i hope your birth experience was a positive one!
yeah, i'm pretty lucky. i'm very much a "it takes a village" person, and i've got a good village. the best, in fact. for the birth itself i'm getting two doulas - one that was at my first birth, and one who's in training but i knew her in university. my husband has been unwavering in his support! my parents are wonderful, when DD1 was born i was a single parent. she came whenever she could to help with post-C/S wound care and baby cuddling. my dad took DD1's laundry...
john and jean are related names. sorry for the shock, i'm glad you found out now instead of at birth, just because you have a wee bit of time left to make those exchanges!
aw.. DD is so sweet to say that to you. my DD also said something sweet. when she was sick, she whispered that she wished she felt better. and then the next day she did, so logically, there must have been just one star in the sky. right? so a couple days later, there i was, and she whispered to me, "look out the window. if you see just one star, wish you feel better. i want you to feel better tomorrow." bless her heart, i started to feel better the next day. she asked...
what wonderful belly pictures, all of you! i especially love the henna.. i wish i could do that!
i'll second the ameda, i had a used purely yours and you could definitely steam sterilize all parts that could potentially come into contact with milk :)
there aren't any LCs here either - and no LLL league - so i can understand your concern! but chances are, it's totally nothing to worry about :) you can always come here if things don't go smoothly!
yup, my gums have been really something else.. flossing regularly and using a whitening mouthwash seems to help. don't ask me why the whitening listerine is any better than other listerine, but that's my experience. the gums are puffy and the vascular tissue is really sensitive, so really flossing (even if it looks like there's been a murder in my bathroom after) ALL THE TIME and following up with the whitening listerine is the only thing that's kept my gums from, well.....
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