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i tried the "coat trick" and couldn't do up the coat around the belt. having the coat undone the whole time wasn't a good option, either - my car doesn't warm up significantly and blankets didn't seem to help. it's been getting down to -30c every night for eons.. it's frustrating knowing that the real right-now risk is hypothermia, and the might-happen risk is child restraint failure due to snowsuit use. i'm glad i have an infant seat with a "shower cap" style cover for...
better safe than sorry. the materials can get stressed without any visible damage. i'm glad your DH is fine!
i don't know about lexapro, but i was on Effexor XR with my first pg, and Celexa with this one. both are fine and the benefits clearly outweighed the risks in my case. supplements didn't help me.. or at least, they didn't help me enough.   when i'm in doubt about a medication i call Motherisk at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto - is there a service like that where you are?
i hear ya. on new years i had it all ready to go.. and then nothing. it was just a tease!
what a story! congratulations!
  this is katie, 38 weeks.. and mommy, who looks 52 weeks pregnant
i just cracked open my new medela swing! baby is coming next thursday, so i thought i'd familiarize myself with the pump. i'm finding that the standard breast shield (horn shape) isn't the best fit for my small nipples (i am cursed with HUGE breasts but smallish, flat/inverted nipples). i'm thinking of getting a personal-fit breast shield, but the pics on the medela website look like they fit on the pump in style.. the swing's top piece looks different (i mean the part...
well, you could wrap the kid up to the shoulders with it. it's an outfit all in one!   no, don't cut it. donate them to someone who could actually use them, or chuck them, or keep them knowing they're really not going to work very effectively.. but the absorbent material is contained in plastic for a reason. from what i can tell, adult diapers use the same fillers as infant diapers. i haven't dissected them personally, but they certainly feel the same and absorb a...
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