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Love this, very heartfelt. I have a micro preemie with autism and one with ADHD and Tourette's, no one gets it.
I'm deaf and read lips, lol I can't make eye contact or I'm " not listening"
is it time yet to start a frugal gift ideas thread?
I seem to have the opposite problem, my 7 year old typical son believes, and my 5 year old autistic son has never believed. Y 5 year old insists that even with time zones, it couldn't be done, there simply isn't enough time. His other reason is that if there was a Santa, all children would get equal gifts little bugger I to smart for his own good. I don't know weather to tell 7 year old the truth or insist to 5 year old that he is real. They argue about it a lot
Hey there, my babe was born almost 6!? Years ago at almost 26 weeks. My best advice for you is make sure you take care of yourself. It's easy to get run down and forget about yourself when you are worried about your little one. And take lots of pictures! I had such a hard time looking at them but he is soooo proud of them and tells everyone his story. He is getting ready now for his 2 nd year of school and is an amazing wonderful happy thriving little man. We have a few...
I don't. Ever. It sucks.
Awesome birth story! Congrats!
Vanilla flavored coffee cream, being able to say yes to the kids for a silly treat, NEW SOCKS
I did it backwards. First the natural childbirth, went for a 2 hour walk with baby 24 hours later and felt great. 2 years later emerg csection, and it just sucked. It was weeks before i could do anything. I was in pain all.the.time. Sitting was awful, laying was awful. Breathing was awful. I would have a vaginal birth a thousand times before having another csection unless it was necessary.
The bad kitty series is awesome, my 5 year old and my 2nd grader love them. Some of them are done in a comic book style that i find really encourages my 2nd grader to read where normally he would rather do anything but. And of course the captain underpants series, because they are just cool apparently anything that gets them to enjoy reading. We are also reading the ramona series together, they both seem to enjoy them.
New Posts  All Forums: