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I agree with you, abac. I don't really believe in punishment. I know I certainly wouldn't like it if I did something to displease someone, if they took away whatever I was playing with or made me apologize or slapped my hand. I just don't understand why it's acceptable for a child, but if for an adult it's not. I think children are much smarter than we give them credit for. I also believe explaining and giving alternatives is a much better course of action. At that...
I think it's a split, just as adult size: genetics and diet. Both my DH and I come from "breeding stock" (as we call it); the women have short, easy labors, and the babies are all healthy. Our families also tend to have bigger babes. He was 11 lbs, I was 10. My sister was over 10 lbs. So, I wasn't too shocked when I delivered a 9 lber. I also (mostly) abstained from sugar and carbs while pregnant with her. All I craved was fruit and veggies and turkey.
Along the same lines as ShaggyDaddy and rmzbm. I would rather try to give my child(ren) the tools, common sense, wisdom and ability to make their own decisions than rule over every aspect of their lives. I have a 2.5 year old who chooses her own bedtime. In an average week, it can range anywhere between 8 pm and 1 am. She goes to bed when she's tired, not when I tell her she's tired. She'll simply get up, gather the things she wants for bed, and walk to her room,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mama in the forest Where was your babe while you worked in the field? Happily snuggled up in a mesh shower-sling, lulled by the repetitive movement of mom picking (and eating) berries!
My doc attempted to force my onto my back, but quickly backed down when DH threatened to put him on his back should he touch me again. I wasn't quite proud of the violence and intimidation tactics used on my behalf, but I gotta admit when my mom and DH took charge, I was immensely relieved.
This is DH's family. They insist she clean her plate, and I don't. If she loses interest or isn't hungry, she's "released back into the wild", as his family so lovingly puts it. It drives me insane. They'll use the "take 4 more bites and you can get down from the table" crap, too. I usually don't say a word, I just pick her up and remove her from the situation. I'd really love to strap one of them to a chair and force-feed them, how fun is that.
DD has had these for about 8 months. When she wakes up, she almost seems as if she needs to go right back down to sleep! At first I thought it was an effect of oversleeping, but as I tracked her napping, found it was the same regardless of the length of nap, from 20 minutes to 3 hours. I'd be interested in hearing anything about this as well.
There are quite a few female child molesters; the thing is, in this culture, it isn't looked at as something as dangerous, traumatizing or harmful to be abused by a woman. Hence, no news stories.
circles can often be genetic, especially in us paler folk. I could sleep for 18 hours, eat incredibly healthy and feel fantastic and still look like I got socked in the face. I have since birth, and dd does as well. It runs in my family, everyone has it. We're all pale white (like, Casper looks tan next to us). They can be allergy related, but if she has no allergies, is sleeping and eating fine, it may just be genetic.
Just a side note, can anyone tell me when 8 lbs became "an abnormally large baby"? OBs around here push for a 6.5-7lb baby, and will induce/schedule csecs early in order to get that birth weight. Apparently, I put myself and dd in danger by delivering "10 days late" (according to a 21 wk US, they moved my due date.. according to my dates and charting, I actually birthed 3 days prior to due date) to a 9 pounder. When in the world did 8 lbs become so dangerously...
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