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Good points everyone, I suspect DH would calm down too, but he is such a twitcher, it's hard to imagine that. Having baby on my side of the bed might just be the solution. Which brings me to the cosleeper: how long can you use a cosleeper for? Is there a weight restriction? Not that I ever go by the book on these things, I just don't know how big a contraption like this is!
Quote: Originally Posted by poopzmom my dh is the same way....he sleeps on the couch now. Yah, and I guess I want to avoid that. We (DH and I) started out as two people, part of a team, created this new babe together, so I would not want to end up with a "Mom and kids" bed, I would want to end up with a "family bed"! We'll have to see how it pans out...
I felt my little one in the 14th week. Now I feel the babe squirm and kick all the time! I never knew how amazing that was going to feel.
Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with this question: if DH and I decide to cosleep with our little one-to-be, I don't know how safe it would be. I'm not worried about smothering, rolling over onto baby and all that jazz, but what I'm worried about is my very active sleeping DH. In the last few months, he's dreamed that there were birds in the bed and felt the need to "whap" them away under the covers, hitting me and waking me up. Another time, he karate chopped...
(Hope you don't mind me jumping in...) As someone who receives these things (speech therapist for preschoolers), anything consumable with a nice card made by the child is totally welcome. It's the chatchka's and knick knacks that always kill me.: Your ideas are totally great!!
We're not finding out. And for a gramma (my mom) that's the kind who opens your presents for you at xmas (Yep, you read that right, I'm not exaggerating!) it's driving her batty! I figure it'll curb my "Ohhh that's a cute girl/boy outfit!" urges, and make me spend less before the baby actually comes. I think there are few surprises left in life, and this one is one we're eagerly anticipating. We're having an u/s on Dec 19th, so could find out then, but we're not...
Another way I've heard of to keep wipes warm is to keep a thermos of warm water near the diapers and to pour some out onto a cloth whenever you need it. Bluebonnet's solution sounds perfect too! Question about the wipe warmers: Does a disposable wipes warmer work for the cloth ones too? I have no clue about these things yet--so help edumacate me!
Thanks everyone, that explains it a bit more. I am just a babe in the woods when it comes to all this baby equipment, I mean, don't even get me started on how much I have already learned about cloth diapering in the last few weeks lurking on this forum!:
I'm a lurker in this forum, expecting my first in May 2007, and excited about CDing, and ECing as well. I notice a lot of you mention the Baby Bjorn potty, and would love to know why you all think it's such a great potty! I have no idea about what makes a potty a great potty, so would love to her what you gals think... Thanks! :
All of these comments just confirm for me that all those really expensive mobiles are just plain silly... You know, the developmentally appropriate ones that are only black and white, or the matchy matchy ones for the have-to-have matching nursery! I had my suspicions, but you gals confirmed my hunch! Thanks gals!
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