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First, Can I ask why you can't pump? Just curious, is it that you are physically unable to? I remember being totally terrified as well. I couldn't fathom how a child that nursed so many times a day could even survive. She was with Dh and in good hands, but I was a wreck. It's good that she uses a sippy. Can you express enough milk for her to have during the day? My LO liked homo milk right from the get go, so that wasn't a problem, but she had a tough time with...
(((Ksenia))) I haven't been on the boards for a while, but saw this and my heart just hurts for you....I know how hard it is without kids, I can't even imagine what you're going through. Just remember to lean on the community you have so carefully chosen to be your supports, we're all here for you, whether we post a lot or not. I send you strength and clarity in the days to come.
Why not make it a book exchange party then? Everyone brings a favorite wrapped book (used or new--doesn't matter), everyone puts the books in a pile, and as a favor at the end of the party, each child picks a book out of the pile to take home, and the birthday kid gets a book too. Everyone wins, Miss Manners included.
Bit of an update, we now choose a song together, she loves hearing me sing it and she happily unlatches and switches now. Thank god we're still BFing, since she's got a fever today and needs her fluids....poor thing! Thanks for the singing suggestion, it's turned things around 100%!
FWIW, when I see other people exercising, whether they are overweight or not, I just have lots of respect for them...I don't think you're going to see much of any other sentiment out there. I know I would never make fun of anyone doing exercise! You go mama!!
Quote: Originally Posted by swd12422 Is there a better, easier way? You shouldn't soak your cast iron or use soap on it anyways. (others, please correct me if I'm wrong!!) Just gently sand the rust away and then coat it with some cooking oil. When I cook anything in it, I heat it up afterwards and burn off the left over stuff in the pan, then take the still hot pan off the burner and get it into the sink, where I run water over it and scrub...
No, but like Mama2Xander we have an emergency kit with canned food, meds and water in one of our closets, enough to sustain our little family for 72 hours or more.
How about a bit of spongy foam carved to fit in an empty apple sauce cup? Put an apple on the lid, and there ya go.
Thanks elliesmama, that's brilliant...counting down with the alphabet might make it easier for us. I agree, if I'm nursing and grinding my teeth in frustration, we're not going to last much longer. Having some fun activity after may make the transition easier as well. It's so hard when neither you or babe have anything left at the end of the day! Thanks for the suggestions, they're really going to help. Whoever said extended nursing was only for the mom, has rocks in...
Hi, I am still nursing my 2.5 yr old DD (yay me!) at naptime and bedtime. Here's the problem: I really feel like I am done with the BFing. It's turning into a silly power struggle, and I always end up feeling terrible and frustrated after we're done BFing. She tucks in, I say it's time to switch, and she will say "Just one more suck." I let her (and she goes on for much longer than 'just one more suck') and then she has this thing where she has to kiss and hug the nipple...
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