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Living and working near the Olymipic village, I'll probably wanna hang myself. Renting out our place is sounding better and better...
I was just going to ask if decluttering is ever really finished/done, and I think sunnysandiegan said it best, you just keep finding more and more things because you learn to live with less and less, you get braver and braver about getting rid of things. Plus, the more you find sources for things, the less painful the parting with things becomes... I'm just keeping at it! DH is finding things to get rid of as well, whoda thunk it?
We homebirthed in our townhouse where we can hear neighbors sneeze, and they never heard a thing. I was quite noisy, and it really made no difference. Funny how that was the first thing DH mentioned he was worried about...
I'm selling one on CL, but I have a feeling we were just in touch! $15 for mine now! If anyone needs one, let me know.
Quote: Originally Posted by vancouverlori Just an FYI for y'all: I was at Kingsgate Mall (Broadway & Kingsway) the other day, and the el-cheapo bookstore (Lely's) in there has branched out to Plan and Melissa & Doug toys, along with lots of high-end toy store stuff (games, etc). I enjoyed looking through there the other day. And it's all hiding way at the back - I went in looking for activity books, and I had no idea it was even there! Not to...
...and I was at DeSerres Art Store on Broadway near Granville, and thought of all of you ladies. They have a fleet of Rollsers in the window, with funky prints and colors. Why do I think of MDC when I see a Rollser? :
I have no idea about the weight part, but you could use a cheap life vest, take out the foam floaty stuff, and add weighted material. I would think that would be a quick and dirty way of making one.
Dawn, did your friend still need a stroller? For free?
Apparently I did this as a kid, my mom would just lay me down. wait for me to gain my breath back, and I would go and play as if nothing happened...luckily Hannah has never done this yet. It would scare the cr@p out of me! I would just monitor your LO, give her some time to 'come to' and keep holding and reassuring your LO.
Well done! I am totally intimidated by the plans...how many hours did it take??
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