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My son is 6 and is currently in public school kindergarten. This is his 2nd year in K. He has a disability, is on an IEP, and has a low IQ. In any consideration of homeschooling I feel like I'm presented with a lot of challenges. I don't know that I feel capable of teaching him. He does not learn in a typical way and I'm afraid I might not be able to understand well enough they way he learns to truly teach him. I also worry about standardized testing that is required by...
I have a son with low IQ. He's in kindergarten and I've considered pulling him out of school due to many issues with the school district. However, how does standardized testing work when you have a child significantly behind their peers? I'm in MN btw.
I have 3 kids, 9, 7.5, and 6. I am sooooo tired of picking up after them! I remind them constantly to pick up after themselves, put their clothes in the dirty laundry, but it seems like day after day I find dirty clothes laying around, toys on the floor, etc. I'm looking for both creative ways to teach them responsibility and consequences if necessary.
Wow, I'm surprised that they can say anything about it once the child is adopted! My two foster to adopt kids have to be kept on schedule(unfortunately) but thankfully the older one is done with shots for quite a while and he'll be adopted before he needs anymore! With the baby I might just say he's "sick" and we'll have to delay! ;)   Hope you get something figured out!  
Yeah, I would be ok with even just pumping to supplement. I'm going to contact a lactation consultant tomorrow.
Has anyone successfully induced lactation for an adoptive child? We're in the process of hopefully being placed with a 4 month old and I'd like to breastfeed him. Unfortunately, I never had a very good supply with my 3 biological children and I'm also in college part time so I fear I won't be successful. Really, even if I can provide him anything it's better than nothing.   What has your experience been? What are the first steps to inducing lactation?
Very interesting information! For us, our son has seizures due to an underlying mitochondrial disorder but this is definitely something for those who have not found an underlying cause.
I would absolutely hold off with vaccinations until you're very clear what the cause of the seizure was from. My son had a seizure following vaccines at 2 months and went on to develop epilepsy. He had an underlying metabolic disease that likely predisposed him to seizures regardless but the vaccine definitely triggered them and who knows how long he may have went before they started had he not been vaccinated at 2 months. He has not received vaccines...
This was a great documentary! I appreciated it because I have many friends and family who are pro vax and would never take the time to listen to a staunchly anti vax documentary. While I think the choice is obvious I was glad they presented both sides for that reason.
I have to provide documentation so I can't make up a date.   Hep B is not required. It states on the sheet that I can choose to opt out although they encourage me to talk to my doctor about the risks. Which of course I did! ;)
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