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Hi all, I'm nursing Baby #3 now (she'll be 2 months on 6/2) and I recently purchased an Ameda PurelyYours because I'm in midwifery school and will need to pump while away from baby in the Fall. When my first was a nursling I used a Medela Harmony (or whatever the one-sided version of the PIS is) when I needed to pump twice a week and like it a lot, but since I'll need to pump more this time I thought I should get a double sided pump. Since the Ameda is so much cheaper...
Yeah.  I just dropped a mushroom on Josie's head.  (Was eating while bouncing on a ball with her sleeping in the Moby.)
With my older two I tended toward mei tais and ring slings and never really loved wrapping.  I bought, used briefly, then sold wraps with DD1. I used the Moby for a hot minute with my 10lb DS but he grew out of it pretty fast and then I just started using the MT.  Josie and I, however, have been rocking the Moby almost exclusively so I think I'm gonna try woven wraps again.  I'm eying a Didy on TBW right now.  It's a Lisca Sambuca and it appears to be a good wrap both...
I am so incredibly sorry.  My heart is just aching for you.  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
Megan/Alaskan, my active labors have been 7, 2, and 3 hours long.  I think the 3 hour long one was my favorite.  The 2h one was WAY too fast and until I had this latest experience I would have definitely chosen the 7 hour one.  Apparently 2 hours is overwhelming but 3 is in my goldilocks zone...funny.  
YAY!!  I came on first thing this morning to find out if you had your baby!  So excited!  I guessed right for you too.  Now you have my dream 2 girl/2 boy family! 
My contractions stayed somewhat erratic through the end this time.  I hope this is it for you!!
All the cheeks!!  Cannot take the cute.  MaineCoastMama, those sleep smiles are the best!  
I just weighed myself for the first time and was utterly SHOCKED to find out I am only 4lbs up from my pre-preg weight, at not even three weeks post-partum (19 days to be exact).  People keep commenting on it; I honestly think I look a little weirdly skinny given that I just had a baby.   We are slowly moving toward normalcy here but it is sllllowgoing.  Some days are really good and some days are hard.  But overall things are moving in the "less overwhelming"...
  Just gonna second this! Also, if you allow her to nurse on demand likely your milk will come in sooner...   Is there a reason why they are not allowing you to leave until your milk comes in?  Three days is totally normal.  Is there an LC on staff? 
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