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Yay for a wonderful HBAC!   Munchkin, love the name Leila!  We actually considered it too.  :)   Congrats LindsayLou!
Excellent work, mama!  He is a cutie!
Tiff, I added you.   For anyone who is not interested in reading a billion pages (ha) here is the short version:   The night before she was born (I was 39w3d) I woke up three times between 3:45 and 7am, each time having a really strong contraction paired with a really weird feeling of the baby burrowing lower and lower.  I originally thought I was going into labor, but since I was only having one contraction every 1.5-2 hours, I figured it was just prodromal/prep...
You are too sweet!   Thanks everyone for the kind words!  Ruth, I was a writer in my previous life.  Now I just ramble on LJ because midwifery school doesn't leave much time for writing!  :)
Oh bummer!  We should be friends at least.  Wish I had known sooner.
Congrats magpie!!   Tiff, we finally named our little girl, but I only announced it in her birth story thread (a different one than the birth announcement).  She's Josephine Nima!   Josie also appears to be the tallest baby in our DDC so far, lol!
Will keep you  in my thoughts/prayers.  Hopeful acupuncture kicks things into gear.  With all the prodromal I'm sure you will fly through labor when it starts!
thank you!!  
yay Tiffany!!  So happy for you!   And ELV Maine Coast Mama!!!
So sweet bmcneal!  
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