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Feel free to "steal" the idea!  My kids fricking love it -- even though they're way too little to get it.  LOL!
I think "Pi Day" (3.14) would be an awesome birthday, so I hope your hubs is right!   We always make and eat pie (savory for dinner and sweet for desert!) on that date because we are dorks. 
I am so sorry you are feeling defeated.  On the bright side, I think you are right that this has the potential to help you lose the weight faster on the other side, just because your metabolism is probably faster due to working out regularly.   I also am thinking about something you've been saying recently re: having more contractions/actual cramping earlier than usual.  I know you have prodromal for a long time before you give birth normally, and I know you always start...
I have also done this a few times lately even though I don't generally feel congested.  So weird!
I don't remember that thread!  I wonder if I responded to it.   I'm feeling almost more in the dark this time than I ever have before, though.  With my daughter, EDD was 11/20 and I thought she'd come 12/2.  Um, she came on 11/11 so I was WAY WAY off (and it made me feel like she was almost a month early!).  Because she was my first though I just went on empirical evidence (average gestation for a first timer being 41+1, I believe, and my mom having  gone late with...
I'm only at 175/585, I think.  However, I finished a bunch of my school goals early!!  One thing explains the other. 
Firespiritmelody, those pics are ADORABLE.   Jess, you look incredibly cute!    You seem to be carrying those little boys so compactly (though I know it doesn't feel that way!!).   Beanbean, you need to squeak in another pic before Mira gets here!!    When are you 37w again?   Here I am at 36w:  
We love aquatic animals in this house something FIERCE so I want some of this stuff regardless of the sex of this baby!   
I agree with so much of what is here.  I always tell people, the difference between labor and other pain is that labor feels like your body is doing HARD WORK (i.e. labor!) that is productive and supposed to be happening, as opposed to just being in pain because something is wrong.  For me, that is key to it being manageable.  I also agree that it is not *pleasurable* -- I've never had an orgasmic birth (although I do think contractions in active labor just feel like an...
New Posts  All Forums: