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I'm not anemic this pregnancy, but certainly my iron is not HIGH as a third tri mama either.     So I am going to pick up some Floradix at our coop on Monday.  I want to bulk up my iron stores in these last few weeks.  I lost quite a bit of blood after my son's birth (probably because it was such a fast labor) and I felt like I was run over by a truck! 
Given my schedule this month, if I do 585 again I'll be satisfied.  But I would ideally like to do closer to 675.  
I lost track, but I believe my total for February was 585/630.  Wah.  I missed just a couple of workouts, but honestly I think it's pretty good that with everything else (especially trying to do an entire semester's worth of MW school papers in 1/2 a semester) I managed to do 45m long workouts 3x a week on average.   That's in addition to all the walking I do as a crazy NYer, which has to add at least a couple hundred minutes per month.    Anyway this is the least...
In one day (+ one hour, technically, LOL) I'll hit that 35 days left / 35w done marker Tiffany was talking about!  (Which means I have 36 days left til my EDD, and just 15 til term.)   I am also trying to ignore that if this baby came when my daughter did, I'd have less than 4 weeks left.    How did THAT happen?!  I don't think this one is in as big a rush, though.  
I have never needed a softener with floradix.  You may want to start taking it with a shot of juice after in case you dislike the taste (although I grew to find it palatable).  If you do OJ the C is great for absorption anyway!   Remember, take with C, don't take with calcium/your prenatal or calcium-rich foods, and don't take with caffeine for best absorption.  
I'm 4/5.  Thanks, lady!  
Floradix is the bomb!  I took it with my second and could totally feel a difference if I forgot to take it.  
August, Finn, and Gage, and happy birthing day mama!!  
Ugh!  I am so sorry to hear that everyone is sick!  I hope you all are start feeling on the mend soon.  Firespiritmelody, you may want to try sipping apple cider vinegar to loosen up that congestion...sounds gross but really helped me the last time I had a sinus infection (a few years ago) along with the neti pot IN the shower so I was already steamed out.   Bambi, I think it is reasonable and natural to be able to mourn two things at once!  I'm sorry you won't have...
I can't believe how BABYLIKE the 3-D ultrasound pics appear!  I mean, they looked like babies at 20w too  but they were all scrawny.  Now they actually have little chubby kissable cheeks!  It's freaking me out (in a good way).   
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