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Okay, part two (with pics!) is up!
  I don't know how to describe it exactly, but basically the baby just felt like she was sort of being sucked downward really forcefully, and then she started to move in that direction too.  It was a totally strange sensation!  I guess some people would refer  to it as "dropping" but it was really extreme and I had never experienced it before!  I had it in the middle of the night, like 7 or so hours before I went into labor.     Thanks! Didn't get to uploading the pics...
Liz, I am so so so so happy for you.  Welcome to motherhood!   
Will cross fingers for you!  It was the weirdest sensation; I had never experienced it before.  By the time labor started she must have been scccccrunched into a tiny little ball mega low because (as you will read) my m/w kept having trouble finding her HB because it was so low!
Yay!!  You guys look so happy.  Congrats!    I knew Josie would come on a windy day and sure enough, I went into labor as soon as the uncharacteristically lamb-like late March springy warm weather here turned into windy April gusts
He is adorable and I love his name!  Well done, mama!
...or at least part one of it (I tend to try to remember every little detail).   You can find it at my livejournal, here:   http://thesaturdaygirl.livejournal.com/   Part two will be up either tonight or tomorrow...it's all written, but I need time to upload all the pictures and crop my butt out of a couple of them. Ha.   (You should also be able to see my son and daughters' birth stories (also in two parts each)...they're the only public entries on my...
  Congrats lady!!  My baby (whose name I am about to post on her birth story thread!) was also born with a nuchal arm!  I am also still impressed you called his birth date!
My midwife took a picture of mine when I was complete.  :)  She says you can't really how dilated you are along the way based on the line but that it's helpful when gauging if someone is fully dilated.
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