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GUYS, where is 1babysmom?!  She hasn't checked in all day...  
So glad everything worked out, even though it was a whirlwind and probably pretty scary!  So happy for you -- you sound like you're doing wonderfully.   8+lb at 36w!!  AMAZING!   
I'm feeling super crampy tonight.  I'm praying it's just a stomach thing, or prepping, because I'm so, so tired today and totally not up to labor.  Seriously, my energy levels have been fantastic and it would be hugely a bummer to go into labor on the one day they haven't been.  I'm eager to meet the baby but not eager enough to want to into labor feeling this exhausted!  Luckily my intuition is telling me this is probably NOT it, but still feeling a little spooked,...
Sleep!!  Sleep while you still can!    Plus, you never know when you might end up staying up all night...
Yay!  So excited for you!  
Whatever, lady, I'm still gonna be watching you like a hawk!    Every pregnancy is different, after all.
  What fun!  If I go "overdue" I am demanding one of these!
    I guessed on yours, too!  Even though I am terrible at such things, ha!     Aw, cuute!  I am  not wedded to an Easter baby, but I'm amazed by how many people think that's when s/he is coming!   Yes, vote on mine and do your own!   I know, it's crazy!  Also: whoa I just looked at your ticker and when I saw the stork so close to the 40 freaked out even though I KNOW you're at 39 and I'm almost there with you.  LOL!
Bailey and 1babysmom  
Hmmmm....all of these things (diarrhea, bloody discharge) are making me mighty suspicious...when are you due again?
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